today was my 20th consecutive day of being in the office. i have been to work every single day for the past 20 days. i am practically living at the office now. please forward all my mail and magazines and packages to binney street, if you please.

the weather was a humid 60-70 degrees so i rode the motorcycle into kendall square. riding the motorcycle always makes me happy. because i don't do it very much, it's always a treat. driving a car doesn't give me nearly the same kind of euphoria that cruising on a motorcycle gives me. everyone drives a car, but only a select few ride motorcycles. i like the uniqueness, besides the feeling of gliding over the surface of the road.

i parked the bike in one of the empty spots usually reserved for the company bosses. i wonder if they know how i've sacrificed my life for the company. unlike the freelancers, i don't get paid any money to work lates or to come in on weekends. i'm not sure if i wanted that kind of recognition though. i get awkward when people compliment me or thank me for something i've done. i'm perfectly happy staying in the background, not making a fuss, doing my work, going home when the day is over. i don't want the fame. behind the scene is fine with me. but i guess i wouldn't mind a really sincere thank, not addressed publicly to everybody, but one that's addressed to me in private. i'd just like to know that all my hard work isn't for nothing, and somehow in some small little way, the bosses know this. unrecognized altruism can only go so far.

i always thought the "clearance 13'" sign would be a cool name for a character. "clarence thirteen feet", sounds like one of those native american names.

ah, so, work. i came in at 9am, thought it'd be a short day because i made so much progress last night, but closing a delivery always has a way of dragging and today was no exception. i didn't leave until 5pm, no breakfast, no lunch, just worked a straight 8 hours nonstop. i might've been able to come in to work later, but rebecca had told me that ryan would be coming into work at 10am and needed somebody in the office to open the doors for him. ryan never showed up. i thought maybe today would be crowded with people working on that other project, but scott was the only person on that team who came in to work. in the end, we burned a whole bunch of cd's using three burners simultaneously, and we were able to assemble a package for delivery, with more time to spare than the delivery two weeks ago, but still close to the wire.

after work i chatted a little bit with scott, and then i left the office, cruising back down memorial drive on the motorcycle. i was afraid it'd rain because the weather was so muggy, but thankfully it stayed pretty dry. at the intersection of memorial and jfk street, there was a traffic jam 300 yards long. i easily went down the opening between two lanes of traffic to arrive at the beginning of the line. this is traffic cutting, isn't it? they're just unlucky enough to be stuck in cars i guess, not as small or manueverable as a motorcycle.

when i got home i parked the motorcycle into the garage and drove down to dan's house for one more, possible the last, game day at william jackson avenue. or as i like to call it, "humiliation day." i joined them for a round of el grande, where i was the clearcut loser by a decent margin. towards the end of the game our order of pizza came and i had four slices, even managing to get some on my jeans (which reminded me of eliza). later, while brian was getting ready to go out and party on a saturday night, dan, elias, and i played a round of trivia pursuit, where once more, i was in last place with only two wedges. i didn't even get a wedge for science, my strongest topic, although i did get an std question right. when did i become such an expert in std? don't ask, don't tell.

when dan moves out at the beginning of may, what's going to happen to the foosball table? maybe i can inherit it, but that thing is so destroyed, does it even still work? it'd be a shame to just throw it away though. that foosball table is a symbol of all the good times we had while working at screen house together. when i see that broken down table, i am filled with memories. who knows, maybe i can keep it in the basement of my new condo, i have plenty of storage room for that kind of stuff. spruce it up a little bit, when friends come over we can hide downstairs and relive famous foosball battles.

while i was at dan's i got a call from laurie on my cellphone in the pocket of my pants. i was a little bit startled to feel something vibrating down there. but i love getting phone calls! i wish i had more friends to call me for no reason, it makes me feel important and much beloved in a false sort of way.