i went to bed last night at 7am in the morning after finishing i am legend. how was it? weird. it was almost more of a social commentary than a traditional vampire novel. what i didn't realize was matheson wrote it in 1954. kind of amazing, a story like this written nearly half a century ago.

i went to sleep and didn't wake up until 1pm this afternoon. even then, that was only a mere 6 hours of sleep. in general, i don't get very much sleep on my weekends. i woke up feeling like my day was already over, woke up feeling i would have a thoroughly unproductive rest of the day. i decided to go out for a run, at least i can say i did that today if nothing else. the weather outside was sunny but cold (40's). i ran late enough that the late winter sun cast a long shadow on the local landscape. it took a few minutes to warm up, but afterwards i had a pretty leisurely run, even though i reverted back to a 9-10 minute mile. all this distant running just makes me want to do some sprint workouts, just like in my high school days when i did a few seasons of track. as much fun as it is to run a lengthy course, it can be just as fun running fast in short period of time. maybe next weekend i'll make a visit to the high school outdoor track course and see how fast i can run a single mile.

originally today i was going to work on my kap project, but after a futile search for a proper assistant, i decided to postpone the work until a later date.

i finally finished watching re-animator. i think the transfer to dvd for this particular film is awful, the print looks muddy. but wouldn't you know it, as soon as i buy this version, a new millennium edition is coming out on dvd, one that i think will probably be better in quality. by far one of the best horror movie of all times. it's got a little bit of everything: graphic gore, gratuitous nudity, original music (who can forget the animation serum theme?), dark humor, and loosely based on the work of h.p. lovecraft, one of the pioneers of the horror genre (in books at least). i can't wait to watch it again with the audio commentary on, they brought back almost the entire cast to lay down a track.

i went out to the backyard to check up on any further signs of the approaching spring. more crocuses where out, their flowers closed in the late afternoon. buds on trees are swelling, it won't be long before the fruit trees start blooming. last weekend the pussy willow catkins weren't even out but today these furry buds dot the willow tree. the daffodils are making slow and steady progress, another week or two before their bright yellow flowers will color the somber earth. i didn't see any juncos, but i saw house finches, blue jays, and of course the chickadees.

i watched the 6 month anniversay 9/11 documentary on cbs tonight. only a show as important in scope as this could get me to forgo watching alias sunday night (however, i did tape alias, i'm watching it now). i think it's good to remind people about what happened, especially with our notoriously short american attention span. it's good to renew our sense of purpose, remind us why it takes so long to get through an airport, why we're still fighting in afghanistan, why we still have other potential military targets. and who knew steve buscemi use to be a nyc firefighter? when the 2 hour special was over and they showed photos of all the firefighters that died, i was kind of amazed that they were all men. aren't there any female firefighters? robert deniro was the perfect host with enough new york clout to be taken seriously. the only other host i could think of would be guiliani, and if he hosted i think by the very nature of who he is (time magazine man of the year, honorary knighthood, former mayor, etc), would steal the spotlight from the real story, which is about the firefighters. i wonder what the rating numbers will be for the show? cbs didn't really make any money off of it though, unless nextel, as the sole sponsor, paid a king's ransom in gold bricks.