yes yes, it's a slow week! some of you have noticed, "boy, he seems to be really taken with his grass recently." well, there's a reason for that, and the reason being that apart from my grass, there hasn't been a lot of interesting interactions this week, i'm sort of in a social slump.

times like this, i start thinking about picking up a new hobby. maybe that's why i've been all into reading the past few weeks. just something to do to pass the time. funny thing is, there's nothing really i want to do.

i went out running this afternoon, ran about an 8.5 minute mile. the temperature was somewhere in the 40's, hardly any wind. i was double layering so i didn't feel cold at all, a t-shirt, a running jacket, and a pair of shorts, and actually it started to feel a little too warm by the end of the run. i learned something unfortunate though: when it cold out, don't wear a starchy t-shirt, cause you're going to chafe your nipples, which was exactly what happened me. i walked over the longfellow casually rubbing my chest, wincing in pain. thanks for playing too much info! going in the afternoon, the river was very virtually empty, i had the whole place to myself. to pass the time, i stared at the ducks floating in the water, or the seagulls congregating on the piers. occasionally i look down and see my bare legs, frozen pink from the cold. coming off the bridge, i ran into some construction guys erecting a broken light post:

construction worker: hey, you running on the 15th?
me: (turning back) what's on the 15th?
construction worker: april 15th...the marathon!
me: oh, noh noh noh, i can't run that far. i run 3 miles maximum.
construction worker: hey, you can start from the end!

(everyone's a comedian)

i do something healthy, then i do something unhealthy. i didn't bring a can of soup like i usually do when i go out running, nor did i buy a lunch on my way back. instead, this is what i ate today:

tropicana pure tropics 100% juice
(orange strawberry banana)
toasty crackers with peanut butter (6)
stick of banana
some david roasted and salted sunflower seeds
packet of dentyne ice gum artic chill flavor
glass of water

well, back to grass talk. i watched the time lapse office webcam movie from yesterday, and i could actually see the grass growing taller and taller as the day dragged on. it's kind of freaky. tomorrow i'm going to have to give the grass a little bit of a trim though, it's growing too tall.