it took just one weekend for my cat grass to transform from a few sprouts poking out of the dirt to a full fledge green garden! i wasn't optimistic my cat grass experiment would do so well, sitting on the windowsill in the shade, but apparently for some unknown reason the conditions upstairs are just ripe for plant growth (at least for cat grass), and when i got to the office this morning i was absolutely amazed at how much the grass had grown. after giving it a nice drink of water in the kitchen sink, i brought it to my desk and put it in front of my office webcam. as the days go by, you'll be able to see the grass slowly inching their way higher and higher! come watch grass grow!

during lunch there was no way i was going to stay in the office. after asking a few people if they'd be interested in going to lunch with me (no takers), i decided to go with my default monday plan of running another 3 miles around the charles river, despite the cold weather. it wasn't until i got back to the office (and check the weather report) did i realize how cold it was today: the temperature hovered in the 30's and when i was running my hands were freezing and i could feel the cold seeping down into my thigh bones. do i even have to say it? i wore shorts again, much to the chagrin of the part of me that really wanted to stay warm. i did pretty well today though, i actually made a conscious effort to push myself a little bit more and run slightly faster. i checked my watch after the 3 miles and i ran about an 8 minute mile. if i do end up running again in cold weather, i think i'm still going to wear shorts (i think i got richard simmons-itis), but maybe with some gloves or a hat. i definitely haven't been dressing for running success.

today i got myself involved in a heated battle between alex and eliza over who has the right to wear saucony sneakers in the office. eliza has a pair of black ones which she occasionally wears, but then today alex came to work in a new pair of greens. i told eliza they should settle this dispute in the most civil of fashion, which is they should challenge each other to a run off (1 mile), the winner gets the exclusive right to be the only person in the office to wear saucony shoes. the word got out, and somehow i've become the mediator in this hotly contested argument. office sneaker wars!

i stopped by at wordsworth before going home. saw two copies of invisible monsters, i couldn't believe my luck as i picked up one of the them and then promptly paid for it. i can't wait to read it tonight. it's a big day for me, i've never known myself to be excited over a book before. generally books don't generate the kind of fervent zeal that i usually have reserved for other entertainment medium, like television or movie. other than fight club, which i'm not going to peruse because i've already seen the movie, invisible monsters is the last palahniuk novel i've yet to read. let's see how far this one takes me.

by the way, i am not interested in sluts. there might be a rumor going around saying i do, but you're hearing it directly from the source, i'm saying no.