woke up today at 12:30pm, the proper time to wake up on a saturday when i have nothing planned for the day. checked my e-mails, watched some television, catch the latest news on cnn.com and boston.com, then i decided to go out for a quick run. it was 50 degrees but still cold. the streets were empty of both cars and pedestrians. i ran three miles at a rate of about a little bit more than 8 minutes per mile. not bad, i am slowly creeping into the promise land of a 7 minute mile. i'd love to one day just go all out on a racing track and see how fast i can run a single mile. the thing with distance running is i don't really push myself. when i run, i always have energy left afterwards. i'd just like to go out running once where i totally destroy myself, i'm collapsed on the floor gasping for air afterwards, people have to carry me back to the house or the office because my legs are no longer functional. when i got home i finished a can of ginger ale and hit the shower. i always look in the mirror to gauge how well i ran today. my cheeks were completely flushed red, my hair a sweaty mess, sucking in air with my mouth. excellent!

afterwards i spent the rest of the day reading in bed with the television on, finishing up survivor. i read all the way to 6pm, the sun had already set. i probably should've turned on the lights or something. finishing the book, i can say it was a pretty weird read but good. book endings never satisfy me, but i don't take well to endings in general. a good book, i don't want it to end. a bad book, i can't wait for it to finish, and a lot of times i never get to the ending because i won't even bother reading it. and just like in movies, i don't like books that have sad endings, like the main character dies for no reason. especially with books, since it's more of an effort and takes more time to read than to watch a 2 hour movie, i feel especially betrayed and upset if the ending goes badly. but i think survivor had more of a story than choke, so i definitely like survivor better. next palahniuk: invisible monsters.

last night i also finished a philip k. dick short story, minority report, soon to be a major motion picture directed by steven spielberg and starring tom cruise. i knew this when i read the story, so i was seeing the story as a movie in my head. could be interesting, i wonder how much of the plot they're going to change. why spielberg picked this particular story to base a movie on, i don't really know, but after the reading it, i don't really see people lining up to see a story like that. it's an interesting premise, and philip k. dick''s stories are all about interesting premises. in minority report, it's a future where people are sent to jail for crimes they haven't committed yet. confused? they have these psychics wired to machines who can see into the future, and they can see if you'll commit a horrible crime, and if so, the idea is to capture you before you can do it. anyway, can't wait to see the movie. one of the rare times when i'm actually able to read a book before a movie about it comes out.

around 7pm i went over to dan's place after he called me up to let me know that john was back in town and they were going to rent bad movies to watch. on the way there, i totally busted this girl who was checking me out from her car. she sort of turned to look at me, and i turned to look at her, and she quickly turned away kind of embarassed, which got me to smile. is it the hair? who knows. when i got to dan's apartment, brian and his two friends morgan and peter were there. everyone was watching real world chicago. morgan, who seemed pretty quiet when i first saw him, after a few minutes started chastising dan and i for being nonproductive breeders, how we should be out on a saturday night cruising for chicks instead of sitting at home, and how we were kind of sad. brian even took a photo of the tongue lashing with a little disposable camera. nothing like being chewed out by a gay man to really livens up the evening! after brian took his friends out for the night, john came back to the apartment, which was also when our pizza arrived. after finishing our slices while watching the power puff girls (i've never seen the show, i don't get the cartoon network in belmont), we drove to coolidge corner, to the cinemasmith video rental. john wanted to get a russ meyer's film (which i wholeheartenly supported), but we ended up getting megiddo: the omega code 2 and american ninja.

we watched megiddo first. don't leave baby alone with the antichrist! why would the antichrist take a wife? you'd think the antichrist would be a player. everyone in satan's army wears red pants! somehow when the apocalypse comes, canada doesn't seem to be a factor in the picture. also, the united states of america seems to be the only thing standing between the antichrist and total world domination. the movie was rated pg-13 not for any sex or language, but more for violence. r. lee ermey, the drill sargeant from full metal jacket, has a brief role as an ill-fated president who says things like "let's stop blowing smoke up each others rear ends." no foul language whatsoever, clean christian fun for the whole family! i also stayed for 20 minutes of american ninja before i left. american ninja had even more cheesy lines and situations than megiddo, if that's even possible. you guys, don't even think about fighting those dudes, they're ninjas, and they will totally kick you in the face! michael dudikoff suffers from a permanent case of tysonitis, where he looks tough but has a really tiny squeaky voice. this evening had the feeling of a mystery science television episode.