selma blair. i've been a fan of hers since zoe, duncan, jack, & jane, that short-lived wb show (don't worry though, i taped most of the episodes, the show will live forever on grainy vhs tapes). i see her as a young actress trying to break out in the industry, her tactic is she's going for those edgy roles that other actresses might shy away from. cruel intentions, on-screen lesbian kiss. legally blonde, bitchy brunette nemesis. now, storytelling, destructive college student who gets in bed with guys for all the wrong reasons. oh yeah, and she gets naked a lot, and there's a graphic sex scene that has to be digitally blurred in the movie. i think selma's getting too edgy now. she should play some characters that people will like, not evil or stupid characters that everyone hates.

storytelling is a weird movie. parts of it's really funny, parts of it's kind of twisted and sick. essentially two stories, the first one, selma blair sleeps around to find herself, the second, a stoner senior becomes the film subject of a failing documentarian. the first one i saw it as sort of a criticism of how when you get a bunch of smarties in a room and everyone starts talking about something, the power of rationalization can make you believe in anything. i think intellectuals might have a better vocabulary, because that doesn't necessarily make them smart. there are different kind of smarts. the second story i found interesting because it sort of shows the apathy of what we think today's teenagers are like. i found it especially poignant when the stoner kid finally get it only when his life story is shown on the screening room. it's like reality does feel real unless it's been filtered through the television screen or the movie lens.

see it or skip it? don't expect a feel good movie, and prepare to feel a little weird after the film's over. for a much better weird movie (brilliant, i'd even be bold enough to say), check out mulholland drive instead if it's still playing in your local theatres.

i arrived at the office this morning to read an e-mail sent by the company general manager saying how the alarm upstairs was tripped last night and she received a call from the cambridge police in the middle of the night telling her about the incident. i then read the next e-mail addressed to me asking if i could please remove my birthday balloons because apparently their movements at night tripped off the motion detector. that's weird, because i've had those balloons for over two weeks now, and nothing's happened until last night. nevertheless, at the end of the day, joel and i euthanized the two balloons and huffed up the helium for a few minutes of levity over our high-pitched squeaky voices.

also this morning i checked on the progress of my cat grass. already the dirt was feeling dry after one day of sitting outside, so i watered the meadowlark. the fast growing sprouts are already close to 1 cm tall. by monday when i go back to the office, they'll probably be 2 cm. i'm curious to see if they'll turn green in the limited sunlight we have upstairs. the color of the sprouts are no indication, they're always pale in comparison to the mature plant.

today's work involved making some bug fixes and burning 3 cd's for delivery. it was a pretty calm day, maybe because the work wasn't that heavy, maybe because it was just a friday. originally i thought about going out running, but i stayed in, got the office lunch, teriyaki steak sub from cinderella's. thick! since i was already going down the fatty road, i figured it wasn't going to make things any worse if i also downed a 20oz. bottle of root beer along with my heavy meat & onion sandwich.

after work joel and i left the office to wait for dan downstairs. today was actually joel's last day of srm work, having found himself a permanent job that starts this coming monday. amanda and i traded nametags we made each other with the label maker. hers said nasty, mine was boot-i-licious. you can have a lot of fun with a label maker! as it was starting to get late, joel and i decided to head down to legal seafood (kendall square) without dan and leave a note on the door telling him where we were when he did arrive.

at legal seafood we had a 6:15pm reservation for 4 people (the 4th seat would be the coat chair, or in case we had a last minute 4th guest), and despite the fact that we got there a few minutes late, we still had to wait for a table. as soon as my futuristic restaurant beeper started vibrating and flashing, dan came in through the door, and together we all got seated. the whole reason why we were eating here tonight was last weekend dan and i tried hopelessly to eat at a legal seafood but with no success. so tonight was our makeup dinner. i ordered a cup of clam chowder. for my main course, i had the mahi-mahi, which i've heard before but don't know exactly what it is or ever had it before. turns out it was this kind of wet, bland fish, i didn't like it very much, ate it as quickly as possible, nothing about it was savory. not to say that the food in general at legal seafood is bad. i've eaten here before, i'd had some good stuff. next time though, maybe i'll get some clams or something fried. definitely not the mahi mahi. it might be a culinary delicassey, but i like my fish dry and rough, fried if possible, heavy salted or smoked or both.

after dinner we rushed to the kendall cinema to catch the 7:40pm showing of storytelling. after the movie, coming out of the theatre, dan thought he saw rob house waiting in line, and both joel and i rushed back in to say hello, only to then suddenly come right back out when upon closer inspection it turned out to be a close copy of rob house but not the rob house. dan stayed at the theatre (waiting for a friend) while joel gave me a ride to harvard square, where i caught the bus back home.