february, the shortest day of the month, comes to a close today. february is the specialest month of the year because unlike all the other months which can have either 30 or 31 days, february is the one month that can have 28 or 29 days. it is also special for very personal reasons, since my birthday falls within this month.

february to me was a lot of working, a lot of running (by myself, with eliza, or with eliza and amanda), patriots beating the rams and winning the superbowl, mouse poo poo in the office, lunch with eliza jones, lunch with amanda garnier, lunch with klea, lunch with julie and dave, lunch with joel and dan, dim sum with laurie a few times, patriots parade, the most number of xtshers working at srm ever (joel, eliza, elias, rob, rebecca, and me), 2nd annual found footage festival, my 28th birthday on the same day as chinese new year and a cd delivery, eliza bakes me a cake, celebrating valentine's day in my own special way, sneaking into a 2nd movie with amanda, new mouse, skunky backyard encounter, signs of spring, prepping the motorcycle, saturday night at the roxbury, survivor, john miller farewell dinner, gifting amanda, starting to grow some cat grass, and my nikon 950 dies.

a twentysomething degrees cold thursday morning on this last day of february. there would be no mistakes made in getting dressed today, i'd just have to wear as much as possible, more is better, quantity over quality. i woke up with this mild headache behind my eyes and i felt detached from reality. last night the cough medication didn't affect me until i was lying down in bed. that's when i felt it, the creeping sensation of a drug induced unconsciousness. i laid in bed as the darkness slowly closed in around me, my metaphysical fingernails clawing desperately to get out of this hole. in the morning my condition can only be described as groggy. i could barely open my eyes, and the persistant coughing i did the day before took a toll on my vocal cords, making my voice sound deeper than it normally is.

i went to work and saw something on the bus that i've seen a bunch of times before but only now am i putting it down into actual words. nothing makes a rude man who's hogging two seats on the bus scooch over and free up one of the seats faster than a pretty woman getting on the bus. that's exactly what happened this morning. this asshole dressed up in a suit and overcoat, reading some important documents (they were marked confidential, i looked over his shoulder and read them anyway), talking on the cellphone (when he did that, i almost stared a hole into the back of his head with my piercing eyes), taking up two seats on the bus, he could care less about anyone other than himself. suddenly the pretty girl of our narrative comes on the bus, and even though he didn't bother to gather up his things and offer his seat to anyone else, suddenly he's piling his briefcase and his other papers on his lap. and guess what? the pretty girl, she doesn't sit down! she stands, doesn't even give the guy a second glance. that just made my day.

it's only thursday but it feels like a friday. that's because we had another delivery today, these deliveries seem to have a nasty way of destroying my natural ability to sense what day of the week it is. tomorrow will feel like a friday plus.

how was this delivery compared to deliveries in the past? we're getting much better at it, which each one, there's just a degree less stress than the one before. i was totally multitasking again, fielding questions from all over, whether aim, e-mail, phone, or in person. i ordered the office lunch, first time in a long while, because i genuinely didn't have time to go out and forage for food like i usually do. i got the taragon chicken salad, which was okay, but i could only finish half of it and threw the rest in the fridge. i'll probably throw it out tomorrow. or maybe i'll just leave it in there, give whoever ends up cleaning the fridge a pleasant surprise.

the cat grass growing continues. i took the glass meadowlark out of the plastic ziploc bag, where it had been sitting in a dark storage drawer for two days, and put it on one of our north-facing windowsills to get some sun (maybe some rays will reflect off of the wall of the metal corrugated structure behind us). downstairs, eliza and rebecca have some sort of floral escalation, some secret war to see who can grow the tallest amaryllis. carrie and amanda have their bouquet of flowers in vases, and barbara has that one flower of hers that she saved, suspended in water.

i managed to give myself a papercut on my lip today. how i did it i'm not exactly sure. i think i was nervously running the edge of a piece of paper on my lip, and somewhere during that exchange i must've cut myself without knowing it.

when work was over, i walked to the t, a fistful of sunflower seeds in my mouth, occasionally spitting out an empty shell, listening to some new tunes on my mp3 player. i felt pretty good about myself, buoyed in part to some post-delivery high, but just a tinge.

in other news, we had a sudden company meeting today, where the bosses raved about all the good things that's been happening and where we'll be going in the foreseeable future, then they introduced our new sales guy, david, and then, oh by the way, bill's no longer with the company. huh? nei how ma? bill was a really good guy, his presence will be sorely missed. as to what we heard during the meeting, at this point, i really don't care. if the company does well, that's good, because that means i have a job. if the company does very well, i don't really see how that's going to benefit me. i wouldn't even dare dream of a significant raise, and that extra revenue will most likely be placed in expanding the company, salaries for new employees, or upgrading our equipment. call me jaded, call me cynical, but a part of me wants to take what management tells me at face value, but another part of me will always be suspicious. i'm not the guy in the company who rocks the boat. i come to work, i get paid, the end. treat the job like a job and nobody gets hurt.