i'm tired. my legs hurt from running today during lunch. at the end of the run i felt kind of tight so i decided to stretch out a bit, something i almost never do. made it worse, now all my leg muscles are aching in unison (although at the same time it feels kind of good in a sick way, like a toothache you can't stop poking at with your tongue). maybe it'll be better after a good night's sleep, the few hours i have left before i have to wake up for work. today was a tough run, very non-energized. the weather was good enough, in the 40's, light breeze. i've become so cold resistant this season from all my winter weather running. i'll run errands in nothing but jeans and a t-shirt even if it's freezing temperature out but i don't quite feel it like i use to. anyway, i stretched out a bit along the charles river before going, and i was attacked by two small unleashed dogs, their old lady owners standing behind them. "what kind of dog is she?" i asked one of the woman while i was on the ground, one hand pulling at my quadriceps, the other hand petting her dog. "she's a shih-tzu." she said the name like she was in on the joke as well. i've never personally meet a shih-tzu before. they sort of look like terriers with a pekinese face. i bid the ladies and their dogs good bye and proceded to run the whole 3 miles without stopping despite the fact that i was so tempted to just walk. at one point i was running so slowly, i actually thought i'd stopped without realizing it.

during our late afternoon project meeting, eliza had baked some birthday cookies (oatmeal & chocolate) for amanda, stacked neatly on a plate along with a single birthday candle (which i wasn't allowed to light when i revealed my slight bout of pyromania).

after work dan and i (along with brian) took john miller out to the north end for dinner, since he's leaving boston on wednesday. we went to l'osteria, and miraculously dan and i were able to find the place with pinpoint precision just by wandering around the dark streets. i had the linguini with mussels in white sauce. john had the lobster ravioli, and i forgot what dan and brian had. i didn't think i could finish my meal, so i was surprised when my plate became empty, a mountain of empty mussel shells in the discard bowl. afterwards we got some pastries from one of the many local italian pastry shops. i got a small tiramisu cup for $3. i felt my arteries clogging.

i got dropped off at charles/mgh, where i made it home and drove to their apartment to watch wet hot american summer, a movie john had rented. a weird movie, full of inappropriate laughs. i'd wanted to see it when it first came out in theatres but it went off the big screen before i could catch it.

i feel anxious for some reason. leg pains combined with trying to plan out a schedule for work tomorrow is making me edgy. will i have weird dreams tonight since i ate a big italian dinner? how about shoving a tiramisu into my mouth afterwards? i also started having this cough late yesterday, and now it feels like its starting to build up, i'm constantly clearing my throat and coughing. all i want to do is go take a shower, go to bed and do some reading before i pass out and wake up to go back to work tomorrow. february's just about to be over. i need time to stand still for a little bit, so i can catch up to whatever it is i've been missing. you know it's going to be a bad week when i'm already philosophizing on a monday.