woke up this morning reading the rosenoff's listing of houses/apartments up for sale. there were only 3 pages of open houses (a farcry from the end of last autumn, where you'd have a whole packet of open houses), most of them out of my price range, the few that i could afford weren't worth looking at either. so that freed up a large chunk of my sunday to keep myself out of trouble. i did two loads of laundry (mostly dirty running clothes) and went out to take care of some errands.

i went to the local true value hardware store to buy a bag of potting soil for my in-office cat grass revival, but little did i realize that the place is closed on sundays. i then drove to the belmont public library, where i had some overdue library fines that i never paid and it's been haunting my conscience. a pretty librarian girl ran my card and said i didn't owe the library anything. on top of that, she replaced the barcode sticker on my decade old library card (the joke "my library card is older than you" is starting to become more true every year) because it'd become so faded that the scanner couldn't read it anymore (which i think is symbolic of something, but i don't quite know what). i made my way to the new fiction section and tried to find something worthy of reading.

whoa, what's this? what's this sudden interest in reading? isn't it an anathema to your usual anti-intellectual tenet? call me a hippocrite, but yeah, i read. secretly. with a lot of shame. don't tell. i'd be ruined. i'm just a picky reader, that's all. i'm in no mood to explain, let's just keep it a mystery. like, how big really is the universe, or, why do the ladies love the shoes. mysteries.

back to the story: i made my way to the new fiction section and tried to find something worthy of reading. no such luck. i went upstairs to the older fiction aisles and found a copy of survivor by chuck palahniuk and a collection of philip k. dick's short stories. the same librarian girl checked me out, and when she saw survivor, she said, "oh, do you like him? i read invisible monsters. i have this book [survivor] but i haven't read it yet." a couple of things about that statement intrigued me. first, she was a chuck palahniuk fan. second, the idea that a librarian who works in a place surrounded by books would actually buy books of her own, it seemed very ironic. when she finished ringing me up, i said good bye and left. my next destination was star market, where i picked up some groceries (bananas and clementines, potato chips and a box of ginger ale, the good and the bad all mixed into one $30 purchase). i also knew star market would have the bag of dirt (aka dirtbag) i originally wanted to get, so i got that as well.

what are...things you find in my bathroom?

back at home, i spent the rest of the day lazy in bed watching television, eating clementines, and reading survivor as the afternoon sunlight shined through my bedroom window. i feel asleep and woke up for dinner. now, i am anxiously waiting for the next new episode of alias, a show that if you're not watching i feel a little sorry for you. not too sorry though. if everyone watched alias, it wouldn't be hip anymore. there has to be just enough fans to keep the advertisers happy, but just enough nonfans to keep the show cool. so i guess if you're not watching it, hey, thanks! thanks for keeping alias cool!