i don't have to beg eliza to go running with me like i do with amanda. i don't have to do a song and dance, i don't have to jump through hoops, i don't have to make promises. it's just "want to run friday?" "yeah!" and it's good as a done deal. when i come downstairs, eliza is already changed into her running outfit, no need to wait. it's different. it might quite possibly spoil me. and she runs despite foot pains. originally her plan was to just run a mile and then walk back to the office, but i, a firm believer in lunchtime miracles (though i'm not religious), told her i believed she'd be able to do the entire 3 mile course. and guess what? lunchtime miracle! we did stop at a few spots for her to stretch. i almost never stretch. i run good and bad with or without stretching, so i feel stretching has no bearing on my performance. some people swear by it, but i'm not one of those people. besides, i don't know how to stretch properly, i always feel like i'll pulling the wrong muscle group. since eliza and i are peers (1974 4eva!), we talked about our upcoming 10 year high school reunion, which i told her i had no desire in attending unless my current living situation improves. i revealed to eliza my irrational fear of washing wooden utensils, like spoons and chopsticks. she couldn't think of any irrational fears of her own (though i'm sure we all have some), but in the end revealed she's afraid of violence. i think my fear is far more irrational.

after the run (the last stretch across the longfellow bridge, eliza sprinted the final leg and i think i heard a sonic boom), we stopped off at alinda's to get some sammiches. there always seem to be some mischief happening at alinda's, like we're not privy to some kind of kitchen hijinks. eliza ordered the bird, which was what i got last friday, which you'll recall put me in a sleepy mood soon after consumption (later, after eating the bird, eliza experienced the exact same sleepy feeling as well). instead of a repeat performance of last week's office drowsiness, i opted for the swiss & ham with honey mustard. leaving alinda's i accidently revealed that i do some reading every night before i go to bed. i hesitated before saying anything but then it just slipped out.

walking back, we passed that mean korean woman whom i've passed by almost every morning if i go to work via the third street route. it's a long story, and i'm surprised i haven't mentioned it here before, but there's this korean woman (how do i know she's korean? i don't know, but i have a feeling she's korean) that i pass by many mornings, and usually nothing more should be said of it (i pass many people in the mornings), except this woman never makes eye contact with me, like she's willfully avoiding my gaze, which leads me to the conclusion that she must hate me pretty badly (is she pretty? why i would even notice if she wasn't?). this has been going on for more than a year now, actually ever since i started working at srm! "maybe she likes you, tony," eliza remarked. "no, no she doesn't, cause i've seen her with her boyfriend." so to once more bump into this korean woman who absolutely despises me (my nemesis!), in my running outfit, i hope the next time we meet, she'll think twice about avoiding my angry stare down! i mean, i don't even want a hello, maybe a courtesy nod, but at least look at me once in a while!

at the office, after my shower (and thank god they fixed the bathroom lights, no more seizures while i'm taking a shower!), i revealed to both barbara and eliza my hidden online photo of me 10 years ago back in high school when i had very long hair. a day of secrets revealed!

stepping off the bus i noticed the moon was right next to the bright speck of light which i knew to be jupiter. when i got home i grabbed my telephoto lens and my tripod and headed out into the backyard to get some sweet moon-to-jupiter action. i thought maybe the moon would completely eclipse jupiter, but after consulting with my starry night astronomy program, it seemed to be a near miss (except for europeans, who will see the moon block out jupiter). in the darkness i noticed something in the middle of the lawn which i figured to be a windblown plastic flower pot. when it started moving i took a closer look and discovered that it was a skunk! i followed it from a distance, arming my camera to get some snapshots. skunks are funny animals. they sort of ramble when they walk, they're never in a hurry. it walked the perimeter of the lawn then disappeared into the neighbor's backyard.

after dinner i went with my father to microcenter, where we bought another compact flash reader (the microtech ZiO!). i also showed him the new lcd imac, a potential buy if we were in the market for another mac. i bought a new mouse as well. my old mouse, a kensington optical mouse, died on me at least a month ago. it seemed to want to doubleclick when i just want a singleclick and had intermittent drag. i ended up getting the microsoft intellimouse optical. i like this mouse better than the intellimouse explorer because of its symmetrical design. it has the same feel as the kensington mouse but it's made from a different plastic material that has a better grip texture. the laser light at the bottom of the mouse is also much brighter, and i think i might've suffered some permanent blindness from staring directly into the beam a few times when i flipped the mouse over.