post-delivery high feels like the ability to deflect bullets with my hands. for a brief period i feel invincible and yearn for some high risk activities. i'm crossing streets without looking both ways, i'm sitting way too close to the television, i'm eating foods rich in sodium. i'm dangerous after a delivery. i will say and do inappropriate things because i feel i can't lose. after a delivery, everything becomes peacefully still. i think back to what happened a few hours ago, and i think it's all a dream.

another wall-to-wall day of work, for lunch i went to the mall to get a birthday card for amanda and some burger king for myself, got the junior whopper meal, which i wasn't able to eat until 4pm because as soon as i got back to the office, i quickly lost my appetite as i refocused back into debug mode. at the end of the day i was exhausted mentally, all thinked out. once again i was the last person left upstairs. i cranked up the music (some yaz, some ray charles) and (wow, exciting!) repositioned the webcam. be still my beating heart!

i bailed out of the now biweekly thursday night drinky poo, opting instead to come straight home after work. that whole culture of drinking, i rather have my life revolve around something other than that. i mean, i don't even drink, a bar should be the last place i should be! to spend another thursday night in a noisy smoky place, hungry because i haven't had dinner, drinking cokes after cokes, let's face it, it's not my idea of fun. maybe if it was someplace close i'd swing by after work, but i wasn't going to make the extra effort and commute into boston to immerse myself once more into that.

if i run tomorrow it will be the first time since last summer that i've gone running three times during the week. i think i'm starting to get back on track with my running routine. i have some slight foot pains but i think it's just my body getting use to the sudden influx of exercise. not enough discomfort for the runaway train that is my out of shape body careening recklessly into the action-packed world of physical fitness!

did i mention i can stop bullets with my hands?