wake up
i left my house 4 minutes earlier than usual this morning. no special occasion, just got ready for work a lot quicker than usual.

the order of business for today was to assemble all the necessary pieces so that our next cd delivery could be tested. it was a multitasking madness of aim correspondences, telephone calls, e-mails, all at same time database data were being changed, casts fixed, items renamed, and things moved around and copied on the server. it was hectic but kind of fun. i can only say that because we didn't have a deadline to contend with today. otherwise it wouldn't be that fun.

i had indian buffet at ajanta's with julie and dave. i thought i'd gotten there late, but it turned out i was outlated by the screen house design team. they ended up treating me to lunch as a belated birthday gift. afterwards, we went to petco so julie could by a plastic lid for her canned cat food leftovers, and dave got a brush for his fishtank. i had a chance to oogle at the $10 giant millipede that maybe one day i will buy as an office pet. we parted way and i returned to the office smelling of fragrant indian spices.

i came back with the cd in a state of disarray, as many activities were broken. the next crucial hour was spent figuring out what went wrong and fixing it. by the end of the day, the cd was in pretty good working order. i finally had some time to devote to the coding portion of my occupation.

go home
john miller was in the neighborhood and i got a ride home from him.

a box of toaster oven pizza rolls and a glass of cranberry juice. i also broke a glass, one out of a set of three that i purchased from istanbul. not to worry though, it wasn't like some piece of priceless glassware. it was actually a last minute item i bought from a turkish supermarket just hours before leaving the country, trying to spend all my turkish lira.

some parts of bad boys on cinemax before turning to 24. then i caught some news to find out what tomorrow's weather's going to be like. i actually don't really care that much about the news. i just want to know the weather, and maybe some sports highlight. there should be just a weather/sports channel.


some other thoughts
we have a mice problem at work, so now there are all these mousetraps and gluetraps and rat poison all over the downstairs office (we also have a mice problem upstairs, but i guess the downstairs office is more important). it's nasty though. in every dark corner of the office are these miniature artifacts of death. it's quite morbid. i am so afraid of going downstairs and seeing something on one of those traps.

i can't do it anymore. i use to be able to do just about anything and watch tv at the same time. but now i find myself unable to do anything plus tv. this by no means means that tv has become a secondary thing in my life. maybe in my old age i'm having a hard time doing more than one thing at a time. or maybe i'm better at focusing now. whatever it is, the television goes off more often now before, at a time when i am at my most open minded about the television medium.