it's the day after valentine's day and i feel fine. it's been a good week, went by really fast, i was productive at work, and interesting things happened. i couldn't have asked for anything more. well, i could've fallen in love, won the lottery, bought a house, and found a cure for cancer, but it was a very good week nevertheless.

this morning the upstairs office was awashed in controversy over the valentine's day cards i had placed on people's desks late last night, when everyone had already left. some of the boys were confused as to the true intention of the card, not realizing that they were chosen because they were single.

the singular highlight of my day was that i was going out running during lunch. in order to prepare, i got a healthy orange juice and a cinammon poptart for breakfast from the kendall square drug store this morning. originally amanda was suppose to come running with me but seeing the weather this morning (less than 40 degrees) i already knew she wouldn't come. fortunately, eliza jones had expressed some interests in doing a lunch time run, so it ended up that she and i would go out running.

when i came downstairs eliza was already dressed, everything long sleeved, a running jacket on, another one wrapped around her waist, her whole ensemble in various patriotic colors of red, white and blue. i went into the bathroom and quickly changed into my running outfit, which was a start contrast to what eliza was wearing - i had on nothing more than a black turtleneck and a pair of dark blue running shorts. it was cold when we stepped outside, but i sort of enjoy the cold when it doesn't get too freezing, and my logic was when we start running, i'd warm up very quickly. we started out walking, but then accelerated to a light jog down to the river since simply walking would be too cold. from the river we did my usual 3 mile route around the charles. this was my first time ever running with eliza, so it was a very historical moment. eliza and i were able to converse during our run (although occasionally sometimes between gasps of air), and i felt pretty good physically, i didn't feel tired and i didn't cramp up. i discovered eliza is a spitter! normally that'd make me go "eww" but because it was eliza who was spitting, it seemed appropriate and okay. we finished at the start of the longfellow bridge and slowed down to a walk. i felt very warm, but in a matter of minutes i began feeling cold, as the winter winds whipped against by sweaty body. the original plan was to just walk across the longfellow but we decided to run across it in order to stay warm. next time, bring a jacket!

because i didn't bring food, eliza came with me to alinda's so i could get something. i got the bird sandwich, which is this thanksgiving sandwich full of turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. i've ordered it a few times coming back from runs, and everytime i get it, i end up feeling so sleepy afterwards. the guys working behind the kind were kind of weird, the man who gave me my sandwich said "tony" in a funny flirtatious way, and as i was leaving, another man began shouting my man and told me to "keep on running!"

i think eliza was afraid that i would fall asleep when i told her what happens each time i get the bird. since todd is off on vacation, eliza's in charge of the project, and couldn't afford to have me all drowsiness for the rest of the day while bug fixes needed to be made. i stayed awake by chewing those super minty dentyne ice gum. unfortunately i did become sleepy, but still lucid enough to work.

when i got home after work, my that's the way i like it dvd had arrived in the mail. i popped it into the player and fell asleep briefly while watching it in bed.