here's what i've been listening to the past few weeks, reproduced here in their entirety:

tom tom club - happiness can't buy money
eddie money - take me home tonight
lionel ritchie - say you say me
marc almond - tears run rings
tom jones - sex bomb (dj amanda remix)
hedwig and the angry inch - sugar daddy
vaselines - molly's lips
gang of four - i love a man in a uniform
linear - let's go all the way
peaches - aa xxx
space ghost - rapping about zorak
electric light orchestra - don't bring me down
four seasons - december 1963
dean martin - canadian sunset
elvis presley - i got stung
rob zombie - dragula
freedy johnston - love grows where my rosemary goes
smash mouth - diggin' your scene
beautiful south - you keep it all in
beegees - jive talking
chris montez - the more i see you
communards - never can say goodbye
crystal method - comin' back
david bowie - golden years
johnnie taylor - just the one i've been lookin' for
kylie minogue - i should be so lucky
laura cantrell - two seconds
jackson 5 - candy girl
paula abdul - opposites attract
steve winwood - higher love
texas - black eyed boy
wham! - i'm your man
new order - perfect kiss
touch & go - voulez vous

songs in red are my favorite songs. the rob zombie - freedy jonston - smash mouth combo were actually culled from the alias' music page on the official abc website.

like many working people, i'm suppose to be in the office by 9am. this morning i woke up at 8:40am. i called my project manager to leave a voice mail alerting him to the fact that i'd be an hour late for work. by 9am i was out the door, just about the same time my fellow coworkers were arriving at work. when i use to work at screen house, going to work at 9am was my usual commute time. i wondered if i'd see any of the old regulars i use to see almost everyday on my bus route. turns out that wasn't the case, i didn't see a single familiar face. however, going to work so late, the bus was practically empty, and i got a seat all to myself. when i got to kendall square, i went to seattle's best to pick up a large chai latte before going to the office.

i attended a 10am project meeting, cradling the warm cup of hot beverage in my hands. walking through the downstairs office i instantly noticed that both eliza and carrie were wearing their red pants. now if you could take a stethoscope and place it on my heart, you'd hear it thumping a million beats a minute. not just one, but two pairs of red pants in the office! it's like a clash of fashion titans, both eliza and carrie bringing out their big guns. suddenly i found myself unable to concentrate, the shock at seeing double red pants too much for my feeble mind to handle still so early in the morning. if you're wearing red pants and you're talking to me, you can be sure that you won't have my full attention. part of it will be focused on you, but the rest will be mesmerised by the red pants. anyway, meeting over, i went upstairs to work but not before i was psst by amanda to get my attention. she wanted to know if i wanted to go running today. the weather was perfect for it (clear blue) but i had reasons not to go. besides, i didn't have my running stuff with me in the office. i thought it was kind of ironic how i'm always asking her to come out running with me and she's always blowing me off, but now the tables have turned! (she ended up going by herself, hardcore).

i met klea by the chinatown gate for lunch. today was a special day, one day after my own birthday, a day before klea's. for only two days out of the entire year we are the same age. she was already waiting by the time i got there. we wanted to try someplace we've never been before and ended up going to shabu zen, this new japanese hot pot restaurant. i just had hot pot this past weekend, but i was willing to have it again, having never been to a hot pot restaurant before (at least not in this country). the center of the restaurant was like a large rectangular horseshoe, people seated around the perimeter. in front of each a little pot in the table with some clear broth. we ordered, and large plates of vegetables and other goodies were brought out, followed by our main course, which were curled strips of meats (klea had the pork, i had the lamb). we cooked the food in the pot, and dipped it into our sauce before eating them. a very interesting experience, but i think once you've had the mah-lah hot pot, all other hot pot pales in comparison. however, i would be curious to try the kim chee hot pot next time.

afterwards klea and i went to meitung supermarket to look for muscat gummies, which they were all sold out. we bought some stuff and took the red line out of boston. i wished klea a happy birthday and got off the train at kendall.

the rest of my day wasn't worthy of mentioning. the upstairs coke machine was finally filled with beverages, although at this time it only accepts coins. rootbeer was one of the slections, looks like tomorrow i'm going to be properly hydrated with carbonated libations. we had a static electricity fight upstairs, everyone shuffle-walking on the carpet to build up enough charge to zap one another. i was suppose to get a sweet photo of both eliza and carrie in their red pants but that never panned out. it was going to be my desktop photo and everyone upstairs who saw it would be so jealous of me. towards the end of the day we lost our internet access, which was my cue to stop working (as if i ever started!) and call it a day. wednesday, you've been awfully kind to me!