this morning i wanted to get up and go out running but i couldn't get myself to do it. my rationalization was there'd be too much ice on the roads, it'd be too dangerous. my rationalization turned out to be correct for a change (and not just a way for me to get out of doing something). overnight the sidewalks were covered with icy shoe print craters. i might try running tomorrow if enough of the ice melts.

i was to meet dan in harvard square at 2:45pm, but prior to that i had to get myself to the office and copy some work onto my ibook. i had everything timed perfectly, i felt like i was on some sort of spy mission, constantly checking my watch and calculating how much time i had left. everything was going to plan, i got to the office and copied my files, and at exactly the time i set for myself to leave, i left. but at kendall square my perfectly laid out plan came to a screeching halt when over the pa an announcement was made saying how the t would be delayed because of a disabled train. i didn't get to wordsworth (our agreed upon meeting place) until 15 minutes later after the designated time. i hate being late!

we went to schoenhof's, this foreign language bookstore on mt.auburn street. it was my first time going there, and i thought i've been to all the bookstores in harvard square. i was amazed to see how large it was inside, a basement level bookstore. they mostly carried french books, followed by spanish and german, and a lot of special order books for harvard university classes. dan was there searching for brazil portuguese children books he could use to practice his portuguese with. they didn't have a large selection of portuguese books, so i guess portuguese speaking kids just don't like to read as much as the kids in some of the other countries.

we tried catching a movie, but neither the loew's theatre nor the brattle were carrying anything worthy of watching (well, the brattle actually had raider of the lost ark, but there was a long line of smarties buying tickets so i took a pass). so we just sort of hung out in harvard square, went to urban outfitters, touch everything without buying, samaridan gave some change to a panhandler, i noticed every single girl who was wearing red pants, and we went to au bon pain to get something to drink and grab a seat to chat and people watch. at au bon pain we sat next to nick brown. nick who? if you said "oh, that harvard law student who was on survivor australia," then you'd be right. he was reading one of those things you open up and has words all inside of it.

afterwards dan a i left harvard square, each man taking his own bus back home.