poop scraper on the bus
this morning i saw a woman get on the bus and scrape off the dog crap from the bottom of her shoe on the edge of the stairwell. i think that's a double wrong, because first she was dumb enough to step in poop in the first place. i learned to avoid stepping in crap as soon as i learned how to walk! second, i don't know where the hell she thought she was, but onboard a bus in front of a few dozen other commuter is not the place nor the time to clean your poop shoes! i think i was one of the only few people to notice though (i'm good at picking up the out of the ordinary), most people too engrossed in their book or their music or their vegging out to pay very much attention.

the secret of nimda
the nimda virus strikes our office! strains a & e (isn't that a cable channel?), running amok, sending out e-mails to everyone on people's addressbooks, propagating itself over the network onto the servers, disguising itself by changing its name to subject headers stolen from e-mail folders. it's a mischievous viral worm, i kind of admire it for that. it's funny, because every single folder on the servers, no matter how deep, had been contaminated, but it's almost fun erasing these replicated worm files because i got to read some strange names, supposed e-mail subjects of the people who work here. whether the virus adds its own list of words to spice things up i'm not sure, but these renamed files ranged anywhere from the tame ("project proposal") to the highly improper (no example shall be given!). to be fair, there was nothing too bad. it was the project management department that got infected the worst, and thankfully i don't think any of them lead shady private lives on the side. or if they do, they don't correspond with their contacts via e-mails, at least not office e-mails. and once again, where i was i throughout the fray? why, being on a mac, i am virtually immune to any such attacks.

klea came to pick me up at noon so we could get some korean box lunch specials at koreana. think of how surprised we were when we got there and discovered that the restaurant had burned down a few days ago! so that's where that burning wood smell came from! hastily applied plywood panels covered up the windows but you could still see deep inside, all black and charred. a bilingual sign taped outside told how the place burned down just three days ago and how they were looking to rebuild as soon as possible. i was just there for lunch 3 weeks ago! it doesn't look like we'll be having an office lunch trip to koreana anytime soon!

but central square was just blocks away so we walked down towards mass ave. and ended up going to shalimar, an indian restaurant with a cheap ($5) luncheon buffet. the place was surprisingly busy despite the fact that there really wasn't much in terms of selection and it wasn't that good (not as good as ajanta's buffet, but ajanta's isn't $5). i got a plate of food and never went back up to get seconds. klea and i talked about various aspects of work and unemployment.

when i got home, once again i noticed the moon in the sky. i threw my stuff into the house and walked to the park to get some snapshots. when i got back to the house, i made a phone call to j.t. puffins to order a tomy ring toss game. my quest to acquire my own watery ring toss has been a lengthy one. i originally ordered from a different company but they ran out and canceled my order, then i ordered from puffins but they too ran out. finally last night they gave me a call saying they just received a new shipment and asked if i wanted them to fill my order or cancel it. who knew ring toss was such a hot item?