are you still not watching alias?
i can not emphasize how good alias is. i think if you only watch one show on television, it should be this show. start watching it now while it's still cool, before everyone is watching it. start watching it now so you won't be left behind in the land of the unhip. start watching it now so you can enjoy the utterly amazing storyline that will leave your head spinning the whole week after you've seen it. and this is totally not because jennifer garner plays sydney bristow. there are hot guys on the show as well. but attractive casting is just one of the million reasons you should watch. the complex espionage double-triple agent storylines, the outfits, the music, the fighting, the gadgets, the acting, the dialogue.

movies i can't wait to see
blade 2 and spiderman. both are movie adaptation of comic books, both are coming out this spring. also the second installment of star wars, but to be honest, i am not at all excited about that movie (even though i'm sure i'll go see it). there are still some movies currently in theatres that i need to see: ocean's 11, a beautiful mind, the count of monte cristo.

damn shame i didn't go running this weekend
i wanted to go so badly but i left my running shoes in the office (i really should get another pair so i don't have to bring them back and forth). i could've drove out and gotten them, but the whole purpose of the weekend is to not go back to the office. two days of perfectly warm weather (50's and 60's) and i spent most of it indoors sitting on my ass or lying down in bed. my body desires some running action! tomorrow during lunch there's a definite possibility i'm going to be out on the charles river.

"your weblog takes forever to load!"
yeah, that's true. because the way i do these entries, how everything for the entire month fits onto one page, you have to load everything. this isn't so bad at the beginning of the month when there aren't very many entries, but when it gets to the end of the month like it is now, the download time can be staggering if you're on a slow connection. my site is definitely not modem friendly. "why don't you fix it?" if i ever get around to it. these pages are built by hand, not by some fancy automated scripting process. each night i am elbows deep in html, cranking away in that sweet markup language, writing down my thoughts for the day, chronicling my own personal history, transcribing through words and photos all that's happened. since this is my site, i'm my own boss so i can do whatever i want, and if i don't feel like fixing the pages so it's more (dial-up) modem friendly, i don't have to.

"also, your pages look funny on my pc"
yeah, that might happen, cause i only have a mac at home, so i only test on the mac (msie v5.x). at work i have a pc and sometimes i bring up my pages on that machine, and there are some elements that are slightly off (for instance, the text justification is screwy). if it really bothers you, let me know, it'll given me an incentive to fix the problem. otherwise, you're just going to have to wait until i feel particularly cross-platform generous and fix the html code so it looks better on pc's.

today was conference finals sunday, four football teams playing two games that will decide who goes to the super bowl next weekend.

the first game was a battle between the pittsburg steelers and the new england patriots down in pennsylvania. most football experts were predicting the steelers to win, and so were most steelers fans. on paper that might be true, but what happens on game day isn't anything that can be predicted from statistics. sometimes victory is harder to come by when you're expected to win. you take your opponents less seriously and you don't focus on the game at hand. that's what happened today. the patriots surprised the pundit by beating the steelers in a story book manner, a better scripted ending couldn't have been written. tom brady, the secondary quaterback who replaced drew bledsoe for most of the season, goes down hurt and the patriots' original qb bledsoe comes off of the bench (after staying quiet the whole season so as to not hurt the team with any sort of qb controversy or hurt his friend tom brady) and takes over, leading the team to victory like the bledsoe of old. drew bledsoe, at the end of the game, was actually crying a little bit. made me want to cry! it's a good day to be a patriots fan. if they win the superbowl next sunday, it's going to be an even better day.

minutes before the patriots-steelers game was over, i was out the door, driving down to wings works in davis square to pick up my order of 24 medium hot wings that i had called in 30 minutes ago. the radio was tuned into the game and i listened to the final minutes as the patriots used up the clock and officially won the conference final and would go to the super bowl next weekend. the radio announcer said that it was quite befitting for a team called the patriots to enter the super bowl post-9/11. after i got my order, i drove to dan's place where a bunch of people (dan, john, eliza, tim, dave woog, brandon, jen) were over watching the st.louis rams vs. the philadelphia eagles game. it was a philadelphia party, with tim and brandon both dressed in some sort of eagles clothing, and an eagles drinking cup on the coffee table.

this second game i wasn't as into as some of the other people there. my patriots had already won and that's all i really cared about. i rooted for the eagles though, just because they were the underdog. in the end they narrowly lost. i stayed until after the simpsons then quickly drove home to catch rose red.