with the 24 hour statute of limitation on pain expiring, this morning i woke up with discomfort in my left knee, most likely from the running i did on wednesday. with almost exactly one month before my 28th birthday, i expect nothing less from this body of mine.

this morning when i woke up i watched a today show segment about how researchers recently determined that money can indeed buy happiness. it was really interesting. the basic premise was that money can't really buy happiness, but if you have a lot of it you can sure buy a lot of things that can make you happy, at least for a little while. they polled a bunch of people with questions like "is it better to earn your money or to win/inherit it?" or "how much money do you need in order to be happy?" that last question, over 40% said they needed more than a million dollars to be happy. so when i finally left the house i kept on trying to do the math in my head, how long i'd have to work before i would even make a million dollars. at this rate, the answer is never! will i never know true happiness now?

mark hickey stopped by the office today. he called a few days ago ranting about some good news on my voice mail. i thought maybe he accepted a freelance position with srm, but turns out he wanted to share some os x software booty he recently acquired through nefarious channels. while we waited for the gig worth of data to transfer over from his pismo powerbook to my office swiss bank account in the form of a free mac with plenty of disk space, he showed me this bowling video he recently did using final cut pro for deb's company. i was much impressed with the split screen action. he also sampled some of my boss's cookies. with our transaction complete, he left to go back to wandering the mean streets of cambridge.

it rained today. that means it wasn't cold enough to produce snow. once again, this season's winter weather has let me down. yesterday's weather was really freaky, a nice 50 degrees spring like day. amanda noticed how there was actually still light out when normally we'd expect it to be dark. i know we're in the middle of january, but i can already feel spring approaching.

today's project meeting, the one where we would officially be told about the accelerated work schedule, went off without a hitch. i think one of the jobs of being a good project manager is to have this svengali influence over the workers and seduce them into believe that anything's possible, even if the odds are stacked against you and nothing short of a miracle could bring the proper salvation. but that's how i felt today. i left the meeting thinking, "hey, we're going to make it after all!" plus the fact it was late friday afternoon, and late friday afternoons i'm prone to believe just about anything.

i briefly spoke with julie and she told me that nobody from screen house went to the thursday night gathering last night. she told me that from now on, it'd probably be every other week instead of every single week. could this be the final days of pub club boston? where will lonely young (well, maybe young at heart) workers go to hang out on thursday nights?

amanda noh! don't touch the amaryllis! it's going to stunt its growth! if rebecca's bulb grows all weird, guess who's to blame? rebecca told me that amanda told her that i was taking secret photos of her bulb, charting its growth. i didn't even realize it was doing it, but i guess i am. it just seemed kind of interesting, this green sprout poking out of a pot of black dirt.

i caught the train home with rebecca and amy. rebecca told me that rob house would be working with us as a freelance designer for a few weeks. that's real cool, the house! it's going to be good to see him.

another celtics victory! over the detriot pistons. i watched the game in bed, giggling with uncontrollable pleasure seeing my beloved celtics trounce yet another nba team. i must go see a home game this season. and i must buy a number 34 basketball jersey.

i think when i stay up late enough it's like being drunk. having never been drunk, i have no frame of reference, but if i were to imagine what intoxication feels like, i'd think it feels something like this. kind of tired, can't really focus on anything, very relaxed, calm. maybe that's why i stay up so late all the time. and just like drinking, staying up late all the time eventually takes a heavy toll on my body.