went back to harvard square to exchange my shoes. the store was empty with only two employees. i sort of felt bad for them, i assume they're bottom rung on the retail industry totem pole, hence they weren't able to get the day off like the other employees with more seniority or just higher on the hierarchy. "busy day, huh?" i asked one of the guys in my good hearted sarcastic manner. "yeah, really busy," he replied, "i kind of just want to take a nap." after my important footwear mission was complete, i hung around in harvard square for a little bit more. surprisingly, a lot of other stores were also opened today. i assumed, as probably many other people did, that today would be a dead day in the commercial sector. it actually wasn't a bad day to do some shopping, since there weren't a lot of people around, the ratio of employees to patrons is to the customer's advantage. i went to newbury comics to see if they had the langley schools music project cd, but they didn't. before i left, i set up off the security alarm by the door, as it's become a customary act for me to do whenever i visit newbury comics. reason: my digital camera, which i was carrying in my jacket pocket, is not compatible with the shoplifting detection system that newbury comics uses, and will set off the alarm 9 out of 10 times. i dropped by tower records (is it virgin's records now?) and they did have it, so i bought it. the woman at the checkout counter was raving about the cd.

on my way home, the 1000 yards from where the bus drops me off to where i live, i cut through a park, where i spotted a gathering of ring-billed gulls resting. i snapped some photos, and then suddenly they all flew away, almost an reenactment of some deadly scene from the hitchcock movie the bird. i'm not as afraid of getting my eyes pecked out as i am about these flying creatures pooping on me. i admit, i have a fear of getting pooped on. by birds.

when i got home i listened to the langley schools cd, and i was blown away. i first read about it in an issue of wired. it's an interesting idea, little kids performing rock songs. there's a purity, since they can hardly understand the deeper meaning of these songs, when they perform it, it's for the love of the music above all else. favorite song: the cover of desperado, sung by a 9 year old girl. i almost cried when i heard it. it's so good, i have to share it:


all day long on television, alias marathon! just a few more episodes left, i'm exhausted. i read reviews of it and how some critics called the show "heartwrenching." the few episodes i've seen prior to the marathon, i didn't find it too heartwrenching. but now having seen the entire series, from the first episode to the last, it is without a doubt heartwrenching. double agent spy girl, dad's a spy too, fiancee murdered, graduate student by day, secret agent at night, friends getting annoyed that she's never around, not knowing who to trust, not being able to get close to anyone because it might endanger their lives - it's a very complex storyline! i keep on comparing it with dark angel. dark angel is child's play compared to the mature storyline of alias.

is it just me, or do you also find the puslating glow of the power button on sleeping new macs kind of creepy? i don't want my machines to behavior as if they're alive. that means i don't want anything pulsating, ever.

new year means new music. this is what was on my mp3 playlist as of yesterday:


dean martin - i wonder who's kissing her now
lovage - stroker ace
janet jackson doesn't really matter
stevie wonder - what christmas means to me
gene loves jezebel - dessire (12' version)
stevie wonder - for once in my life
moby - cecil b. demented theme song
bryan ferry - i'm in the mood for love
michael jackson - human nature
mary lou lord with semisonic - sugar sugar
soup dragon - divine thing
real thing - you to me are everything
frank sinatra - you make me feel so young
heart - never
emotions - you've got the best of my love
gillian hill - tut tut tut tut
texas - i don't want a lover 2001
mc 900 ft jesus - if i only had a brain
os mutantes - she's my shoo shoo
maria mckee - i'm gonna soothe you
aretha franklin - mr.big stuff
ramainz - judy is a punk
paul simon - me and julio down by the schoolyard
stereo mc's - stop at nothing
all saints - get bizzy
roxy music - more than this
elton john - don't go breaking my heart
love and rockets - so alive
gene loves jezebel - jealous
morrissey - girlfriend in a coma
barcelona - robot trouble
arabic belly dancing music - ameint bellah

once again, songs in red are legacy tunes, music too good to erase off of the player. a lot of the other songs are newly added, but they're old songs that i've listened before on heavy rotation, comfort music.