documenting a day from my past 3 months after it's already happened can be exhausting! but by god, 5 hours later and i am done! to think, just 13 more days from my recent turkish vacation to write about! to anyone who's curious as to what happened on 010925, please visit turkey.iamtonyang.com. although the event is old, the content is brand new!

i didn't think i got enough yesterday, so this morning at 10:30am i went back out running. i ran on an empty stomach so there wouldn't be any of that food coming back to haunt me business. unfortunately, there was nothing i could do about the weather, and although it was the same temperature as yesterday (30 degrees), the stronger wind made it seem colder. i ran pretty much the whole course except for one stretch of road where there it was a steep uphill climb - for that 200 yards i walked it. i think i might've overdid it today though - when i got back the joints between my feet and legs were hurting. serves me right for running on consecutive days in cold weather carrying all this excess baggage!

after i got cleaned up i went back outside. what went down in a nutshell: went to harvard square, bought my january 2002 combo mbta pass, took the t to park street then to the lechmere stop for the galleria mall, asked the guy at the apple store if they sold the mac os v10.1 upgrade (the answer was no, i sort of answered my own question, god bless him but he wasn't as mac savvy as i had hoped), went to cvs to buy some sunflower seeds (been dreaming about this salty treat all week), went to the borders bookstore to return a book (eyewitness guide to new england), browsed around a bit, left the mall and took the train back to dtx, went to the borders bookstore there, got myself another book (the chinese have a word for it, dtx borders has a bigger selection), took the train to harvard square, sat opposite two lipstick lesbians playing handsies with one another, went to a shoe store to see my footwear upgrade options, didn't buy anything because it was too crowded, overheard one pit kid saying to another "you gotta get yourself a trench[coat]!", got a blueberry muffin (they only had fat free, i didn't care, having not had anything to eat today other than a bowl of corn pops) and coffee from dunkin' donuts, and then finally caught the bus home.

"...makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise!" - benjamin franklin. one of the few sayings i've always remembered from history class. as to whether i follow that particular advice, that's a different story, although i did go to bed last night at 10pm and woke up at 6am in the morning, unable to sleep anymore. so this is what it must feel like to sleep early, i thought to myself. it was still dark outside, i turned on the light (took my eyes a few minutes to adjust to the brightness) and read my gideon's spies book. about an hour later, i heard the telltale calls of morning birds and saw that it was getting lighter out. i turned off the light and turned on the tv, catching a glimpse of those early morning shows i've always heard rumors about but never been able to see because i wake up too late. later, when the sun was completely out and the world was starting to get back into business, i turned on my mac and did some more online shopping. those post-christmas sales you might've heard about, they're just as prevalent on the web as they are in stores. why not beat the rush and grab some bargains online?

things to get excited about: new year's day the scifi channel is broadcasting an 85 episode marathon of the twilight zone, and abc family channel (formerly fox family channel) is rebroadcasting all the episodes of alias.