it was so quiet yesterday. no telemarketers called my house. it was like a single day christmas truce. the armistice didn't last long unfortunately, as i was bombarded with calls starting at 9am this morning. people trying to sell stuff over the phone is definitely one of the scourges of modern society.

the day after christmas, i am as unproductive as ever. productivity is a work term though, if i am truly on vacation, i shouldn't measure myself with things like productivity. but all the things i wanted to get done i ended up not doing. mailing off some bills? too lazy to walk the two blocks to the nearest mailbox. do my 3 mile run? oh, too cold outside! an excuse for everything, something i'm very good at. however, i did start reading my mossad book (the mossad was indirectly linked to princess diana's death i learned today) and i bought more stuff online (a tangerine colored iogear 4 port usb minihub for all my peripherals and a copy of turbotax in preparation for some taxation relaxation just as soon as i get my w2 form in the mail).

i got a surprise in the mail, a christmas card from jessica, the only christmas card i got this entire holiday season. that was the highlight of my day. see, it doesn't take very much to make it to my highlight reel! i am on a very low diet of excitement this holiday season. everything is a highlight.

i was hoping it'd snow, but snow never came. i watched some birds from the windows, pecking out the remaining crumbs of seeds. i won't refill the three tube feeder until i am guaranteed of snowfall. that's kind of mean i suppose, i have an obligations to those wild birds. if there's a break in the feeding schedule, they might go to my neighbors. note to self: refill feeders tomorrow. note to self: go out running in the cold. note to self: mail off those letters.

i aim'ed lonely rebecca at work. 2/3 of the company was gone, only a few diehards (or, those unfortunate enough to catch the vacation days sign-up train) will be in the office for the next few days. i revealed to rebecca how i was becoming a slug. she told me i had to go to my 10 year high school reunion when it comes around. we both agreed the mall would be supercrowded today. we both agreed she shouldn't stay late at work.

yup, and wouldn't you know it. got a song stuck in my head, barcelona's "why do you have so much fun when i'm not around."

the celtics lost their first game on their four game western road trip, against the utah jazz. i can't lose hope though. paul pierce doesn't want me to fall into a deep and dark despair. even good teams have to lose once in a while. keeps them humble. makes them hungry for the next win. it's time for me to buy a paul pierce basketball jersey. and because it's off season, i can probably score a cheap manny ramirez baseball jersey as well (what i wanted during the summer, but never got around to buying it). and the patriots are going to the playoffs. i've been wearing this patriots 1996 eastern division champion t-shirt for the past few days now. that was half a decade ago! it's been a long time. boston is way overdue for some of that old time sports glory. a city is not judged by it's economical success or lack of crime or wealth or cultural and intellectual institutions. noh noh noh. a city is judged solely on how much its sports teams can kick the ass of some other city's sports teams.