today should be friday and i should be starting my vacation tonight. instead, i have one more day to go. one more day of work before the year spirals out of control and 2001 becomes 2002. everyday this week felt like a friday but tomorrow will be friday for real.

i called carrie "hardy" today at work which she took great offense to. i meant it in the sense that she was resistant to the cold weather. she interpreted "hardy" as a synonym for "fat." as soon as i said the word "hardy" i saw carrie's eyes shoot wide open and i knew that once again i accidently said something inappropriate and that it'd come back to haunt me.

today for lunch i took amanda and carrie to to chau, my favorite vietnamese restaurant, my second consecutive lunch in chinatown. this was carrie's first time to to chau so it was a very historical occasion. we took the subway into dtx, went up those familiar escalator, and walked to chinatown.

at to chau, carrie ordered a bowl of egg drop soup and the chicken curry vermicelli. i recommended the pho, but she wasn't brave enough to face mystery meat, at least not this visit. amanda got the L6 combo special (vegetarian dish), and i had the L7 combo (tom yum guy vermicelli soup). when my order arrived i gave carrie a piece of my tofu. carrie has never tasted tofu before. i'm glad i could provide her with her very first tofu experience. i liked how amanda seemed like an old pro at to chau, having been here a few time already, mixing up a combo dipping concoction of hoisin sauce and red hot sauce. topic of conversation included the thin walls of the upstairs bathroom, the same topic of conversation between eliza and i when we went out to lunch yesterday.

after lunch we returned to the office, where we had a two hour project planning meeting. when the meeting was over (close to 5pm), i stuck around the office a little bit, unsure as to where i should go after work. john miller's last day being tomorrow, we wanted to have some sort of mild farewell celebration for him. because he couldn't leave early due to work, it'd have to be late, so it was decided that we'd meet at red bones in davis square at 9pm, where the thursday night drinking festivity was being held as well. i left work with rebecca, first going to the galleria mall, then taking the auspiciously numbered 88 bus in the direction of davis square. she left me at joel and sean's apartment while she went back to her own place to drop off her bag. minutes later we met up again and together we walked to davis square, to red bones. red bones was packed, and when we got there we saw a small table with eric hess and lisa spagnoli. we wait for almost an hour before getting a seat. in the meantime, chris gervasi and joe lunney showed up as well. when our name was finally called, we decided we didn't want to stick around anymore and left the place. luckily john showed up just when we were able to leave, and we all went to anna's taqueria. it was my first time at anna's, and i was curious to know what the rave was all about, so i ordered up a small steak burrito, and to be honest, it's nothing terribly special, just a plain burrito. for my money, boca grande is still my favorite burrito maker. after the burrito dinner i went home. i tried calling manny to see if he was home so we can exchange christmas gifts but he was nowhere to be found.

hanging out with the guys (everybody's wearing blue!)
(left-right: joe, john, sean, chris, joel)

i took the subway from davis square to harvard square then caught the bus home.