i went to the 10:30pm showing of lord of the rings at the framingham general cinema with john, dan, and mark. today was the official opening day of the movie, although both dan and i saw it last night already (he went to a midnight showing at fenway 13, i went to a 9pm showing in burlington). john and dan's apartment was littered with tolkien paraphernalia when i got there, the animated hobbit dvd was playing on the projection tv. this was my first time going to the framingham general cinema, and from the outside it looked like a las vegas casino with the myriad of lights. when we went inside, there was already a long line of people waiting to get in. second time seeing the movie, i wasn't bored at all. during the last hour of the movie though i got a little sleepy because i was tired, not having slept for very many hours last night (and probably won't be sleeping for very many hours tonight either).

christine was originally the first person i asked yesterday to come with me to suishiya to get some korean box lunch special, but today she told me she couldn't go. instead, it was just eliza and i as we headed into chinatown.

it was eliza's first time coming out for korean box lunch special, and it started off auspiciously, as we were immediately seated upon our arrival. unfortunately, that was the extent of our good fortune, for that was the last time we'd feel anything immediate since the service soon grinded to a near halt. it took them forever to get us our menus, forever for them to take our orders, forever to get our bowls of miso soup, the green tea that we asked for never came, and forever for the box lunch specials to arrive. i was growing worried because eliza had already chewed the tips of her chopsticks to a soft pulp. all this waiting gave me the perfect opportunity to give eliza her birthday present though, which i had concealed in my knitted hat inside of my bag. i totally symapthize with her because her birthday just happens to fall on january 1st (a time when everybody's off doing their own thing, and nobody's around to celebrate her birthday), and i wanted to make sure that at least one person in the office was able to give her a little something for her natal anniversary. i gave her a make your own miniature sock monkeys kit, since she has a knack for sewing/knitting and sock monkeys are so kitschy. after a long time my order finally came while her's was still missing. finally eliza went up to talk with the hostess, an old lady i've never seen before in traditional korean dress, and she personally got eliza's order, but had to take it back because it was missing all sorts of sauces. after finishing our meals, eliza had to go up again and ask the hostess for the check. despite the lousy service, we still tipped anyway.

topics of our conversation included the concept of the weblog and putting one's private thoughts up for public display (something that eliza could never do herself), yoko ono's flux movement (as it related to a unique photo/vacuuming project of a classmate's), why atheists should turn out to be bad, the three things i know how to make (for food, one of them being ramen), eating endangered fish, whether broccoli makes your pee smell (like asparagus) and eliza's dislike of cauliflower, and how fast she can knit in a minute (actually, a topic of discussion on kendall subway platform).

oh, i also forgot my digital camera, so there is no photo evidence of this day. it kills me because this lunch had kodak moment written all over it, but unfortunately my kodak moment device was sitting on my bedroom floor at home.

later tonight i'm off to framingham for my second viewing of lord of the rings in a little bit more than 24 hours.