carrie called my house at 6:30am in the morning asking if i wanted a ride to work since we were both going to the office early. get a free ride or take the t, hmmm, tough choice. 30 minutes later carrie arrived to pick me up. as part of her morning ritual carrie stopped off at a local dunkin' donut to get a cup of ice coffee. i bought an onion bagel/coffee combo for myself.

if you know a little about me, you will obviously know that coffee has an adverse effect on me because i hardly ever drink the stuff, so my tolerance for caffeine is very low. so for most of the day i was in a state of heightened jitteriness. even now i feel sort of restless.

surpise of the day: erin aim'ed me! we chatted briefly, all seems well. another fan to the weblog! the total is now up to...6 i think. it's champagne time.

i had a late lunch from kendall house of pizza. that place is surreal. the father looks like joseph stalin, closely guarded prerequisite hot daughter (today, black tank top with a mesh shirt over it) is working behind the counter luring unsuspecting local men to an early grave from heart disease, and did i ever mention they sell 20 oz. jolt cola there? today i realized that the reversed neon pizza sign spelled backwards has the word "ass" in it. i was laughing on the inside. i had the spaghetti with sausage. took them a long time to prepare (i always seem to pick the food that takes the longest to make), but when i got it back to the office it was still hot, just the right kind of food on a cold day (i'm always looking for the right kind of food on a cold day). unfortunately i wasn't in any mood to really enjoy my lunch, as i alternated between bug fixing and taking a bite of my spaghetti.

after work a lot of people left for amy's birthday celebration at the character. i would've gone were it not for my work. if nothing else, at least to challenge amanda in another game of foosball. alas, it wasn't meant to be. i also didn't go to the usual thursday night pub club boston gathering. both julie and elias asked if i was going (both digital camera owners...coincidence?), but i told them no, deadline, work, late night, yadda yadda. i've been pretty good with my attendance, haven't missed very many thursday night outings, even though it's very ironic since i don't drink.

dinner, john and i walked over to boca grande to get burritos. i wasn't able to completely finish my burrito, leaving behind an 1" stump of mostly rice. my colorado chicken was very hot, and when i went to throw away the remains of my burrito, i suddenly remembered the reason was because i told the guy i wanted extra hot sauce. cause and effect strikes again!

the later it gets in the office, the crazier i become. i get a little of that cabin fever (oh, that's what you call it? i just thought you were psycho!), cooped up in the building for most of the day. and of course that bit of coffee i had many hours ago didn't help matters out very much either. i was playing the smiths, singing outloud ("girl-friend in a co-ma, i know i know, it's se-ri-ous!"), getting into my programanista groove, i even fashioned a zoob crown. i based it the pope's hat, a samurai helmet, and an insect head. i got totally busted for it though, not once, but twice. a secret admirer aim'ed me to express his love for my crown as seen via the live webcam (busted!), and paula and her brother saw me in my inappropriate state when she returned to the office after amy's celebration.

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new year's eve i want to go someplace exotic. if i'm going to spend new year's eve alone, i rather be spending it thousands of miles from boston, where i can be far far away from most of my friends who are in relationships. yeah, you feel that? i'm kind of bitter! i was telling carrie to watch out because i'm looking to break up some rocky relationships so that i'll have single people to hang out with december 31st. does that make me evil? but if that's not going to happen (and believe me, most people in relationships don't want to break up with just weeks left before new year's eve), i was thinking about someplace like norway. why norway? airfare to oslo is relatively cheap and why not? never been there, and it's better than being at home alone watching dick clark. who knows. 18 more days left. those of you with boyfriends or girlfriends better watch out. if i ask how things are going relationship wise, don't take that as a good will gesture. i don't care about how things are going, i'm more concerned about how they're not going.