woke up at 7am and left my house for work. it wasn't hard to wake up because i slept lightly, my mind too burdened with thoughts of coding. i actually woke up at 3am to stare at my alarm clock with sleepy eyes, couldn't quite make sense as to what time it was, but after a few minutes the engine known as my brain started up with a sputter and i fell back to sleep in absolute relief that i still had 4 precious hours of unconsciousness left. i got into the office at 8am and enjoyed the stillness of coming in early to work.

this day was all about debugging. i live and breathe code now, my life consumed by it. what is the opposite of coding? because after the project delivery this friday (i pray to you gods of coding, let this be true!), i like to do a lot of it, to sort of counteract the overdose of lingo i've been exposed to the past million weeks. it is almost over, i like to repeat that over and over as i rock myself into a state of simple serenity.

my one glimmer of fun came when i persuaded (tony, don't you mean begged?) amanda and carrie to come with me to hurley park to go swinging. those ladies would have none of that, but instead bounced up and down on the seesaw while i played on the swing, feeling ever so motion sick. today was sort of cold. not bitterly cold, but cold enough to think that new england mother nature's not going to be giving us any more surprise indian summer days this season. there's still snow on the ground from the ministorm we had saturday night.

laurie aim'ed me around 6pm, said she and her mother were reading my weblog and were watching me on the webcam. ah, collecting some more fans! now i have a fanbase of, like, 5 people! yeah, look who's famous! woo woo!

soon after eliza visited me to talk about work stuff, i left the office at 9pm, the only one left upstairs, having outlasted lisa in the battle to see which programmer can stay at work the latest. tomorrow, another early start, another late finish. and then friday, el momento de verdad.

things i learned today about eliza: she stays in shape at the $1 a visit pool, she was sent away to boarding school because she was bad, she didn't bother taking any high level math courses in college, and she saw me yesterday with laurie on the webcam. what she discovered about me: that i can't swim, or as i like to call it, my congenital anchor defect.