last night i went to bed at 9pm watching walking with prehistoric beasts on the discovery channel. something about cgi monsters that puts me in a drowsy mood. i didn't wake up until 8am in the morning, and only because i just couldn't sleep anymore, my body already saturated in slumber. 11 hours of sleep, that's the longest time i've been unconscious in quite a while. i woke up completely refreshed, ready to get my day started.

first order of business was to let the office know i wouldn't be coming in today. i had known this all weekend, i knew i probably needed another day of rest before i could go back to work, just to make sure i was over my contagious phase of sickness, just to have another day to recuperate from my illness. even though technically it was a sick day, i wouldn't be getting very much rest however. i started working right at 8am, having dreamed about coding during my 11 hour sojourn in the land of the unconsciousness. i also dreamed about people from work, but they all played minor roles in my dreams, cast as mechanisms to deliver more code bugs for me to fix. it was a weird day. i don't think it should count as a real sick day, and i shouldn't have it deducted from my pool of remaining sick days since i was very much working all day long. sometime around noon i even participated in my first conference call where i was on the other end and people in the office were gathered around to talk with me.

afterwards i went out to do my one errand of the day, which was to mail off a returning garment to rei at the watertown ups. when i got there there was an old lady parked halfway in the entrance. i sort of went around her and scoffed at her supposed senility, that is until i saw the huge line snaking out of the ups building, all the way out to the parking lot. i circled around and quickly left the place, didn't want to wait that long to get something mailed.

i came back home, worked, worked some more, and when i had enough of work, i had myself a little bit more of work to wind down. i didn't stop until 11pm, so that officially puts that at 15 hours of work. because i was at home, that means there's no commute, so my usual 2 hours worth of travel time got converted into more hours for - dare i say it? - work. not too bad for a day when i wasn't even suppose to be working at all. but when am i the kind of person who does what he's suppose to do anyway?

how's my cold? a manageable level of congestion, nothing that some quiet time in the bathroom violently blowing my nose until my diaphragm starts hurting and dislodging my weekend's worth of stuffed up mukes can't cure. my cough has a deep and robust resonating sound to it as well, which can easily be remedied by going into the bathroom yet again and coughing so loud and unremittingly that chunks of brain as well as phlegm get released in the process. it's going to be quite fun tomorrow at work, where the bathroom walls are paper thin. everyone's going to be able to enjoy the rich natural music a body with disease can produce!