it's been over an hour since i downed two teaspoons of guaifenesin with codeine. i am still coughing, my nose is completely stuffed up, and my eyes are watery. symptoms, you want symptoms? here they come! 20 minutes after taking my dosage i did have a brief stomach ache, but it soon faded. what does guaifenesin with codeine do? guaifenesin is to clear the mucous and congestion, the codeine is for quieting the cough. so far, it doesn't seem to be working, and as a matter of fact, it seems to be making it worse. i think my cough has subsided a little bit, but it could just be the cups of warm water i've been drinking and nothing to do with the drug.

originally i didn't think i needed this prescription strength cough syrup (because it had codeine, and i needed to stay frosty for code), but when i came back from work, my coughing became uncontrollable so i went to the neighborhood 24 hour cvs and got my prescription filled.

today was a depressing day. i don't mean that figuratively. i mean, i felt clinically depressed. i usually get a little bit morose around the holidays. the end of the year is a time for self-contemplation, a time to look back and assess achievements and failures. i never really feel like i used up the year to its full potential, and this year is no exception. that, combined with work stress, my illness, and a few other personal things just hit me kind of hard today. during lunch i went by myself to the trucks, got a lamb schwarma sandwich, and quietly ate it by the charles river sitting on a wooden bench, the wind blowing flecks of sand into my food. afterwards i just sort of sat there in the sun until my lunchtime was up, looking across the shimmering waters to the boston skyline on the other side of the river.

by the end of the day i got a little bit better, whatever melancholy mood i was in earlier was slowly fading away.

eliza was out sick today. i hope she didn't get her bug from me. i was fine yesterday, although i had a slight cough. today, the cough was more persistent and i was congested, sounding funny to anyone who talked to me. i wonder if this is just the natural course of whatever virus has invaded my body, or maybe the events of last night had something to do with it. first, i biked to and from the office in boston traffic. all that pollution can't be good. then, i went out running, second consecutive night. that might've depleted my body's natural healing capability, all that exhaustion. then, i spent a few hours in a loud and smoky restaurant/bar. i got to take it easy this weekend. i'm lucky to have lasted this long without coming down with full blown symptoms. but, my luck ran out tonight.

one final note, rebecca has coined a new nickname for me. "has anyone every called you 'tony baloney'?" she asked me last night. yeah, more times that i can remember. she thought it'd be funny if my name was spelled like 'bologna' but pronounced 'baloney' - togna! as far as i know, she's the only one to call me that.

boston celtics 11-6 this season! they just won 6 games in a row! my happiness flower is in bloom again! p.p.#1!