it's december and would you believe it's still warm enough to comfortably bike around here in new england? not one to waste a record breaking day in terms of good weather, i got the motorcycle out of the garage and rode to work. i tried an alternative route today, huron avenue to fresh pond parkway down to memorial drive. it's much faster than the bumper to bumper traffic on mt.auburn street.

after work i went running again. i had originally thought that carrie and amanda had promised to come as well, but since i am just a mere coworker and not a friend, promises can easily be broken at a moments notice without any concern about my feelings especially when it's a tough choice between going out running or going out drinking. alcohol, i hate you more than ever before. despite the upsetting lose of two running partners, i decided to head out regardless even though i already went running yesterday (isn't there some rule that says you're not suppose to run on consecutive days? maybe if you're training for a marathon). tonight's run was smoother than last night's. i wore shorts instead of pants, which made a difference because i didn't feel like i was overheating. i ran at a pretty good clip, my body getting into the running groove and sliding into automatic mode. it's that state where you're running but you don't really feel it and you're not that tired. that's how i felt tonight. unfortunately, i had a song stuck in my head, elton john's "don't go breaking my heart", which kept on playing over and over again.

i came back to the office and when i got out of the shower, joel was there, along with john and rebecca. it was kind of weird, all four of us ex-tsh employees, congregating in an empty office on a thursday night, chatting, laughing. i basked in the soothing familiarity (plus my post-run high). we left john working in the office as we headed out to the courtside. joel took rebecca in his crosscountry certified jeep, i saddled the motorcycle and rode it to the galleria where i parked it in a free bicycle lot.

the courtside was the courtside. the turnout wasn't as large as the previous courtside outing. not much to tell except to say there were some drinking, some eating, and some karaoking. i would've definitely gone up and sang were it not for my coughing. maybe next time. maybe i could secretly practice in the shower, find that one song that can showcase my vocal range (prince's kiss perhaps?).

i left at 10pm and rode the motorcycle home. it feels so good just cranking that throttle on memorial drive and go cruising at 60 mph or so. it really does feel like flying. it's kind of loud because the wind is whipping by my ears (sort of like being in a wind tunnel), but the sensation is indescribable. freedom, exhiliration, speed. it's a great way to relieve stress. once you ride, other forms of road transportation just doesn't compare! and guess what? "don't go breaking my heart" was still playing in my head!