during lunch i went to the garment district with amanda and carrie. carrie had to buy something to wear for a christmas party. i know i know, i promised i'd never go with them shopping ever again, but that was to the mall. so far, i haven't broken my word on that promise. i never said anything about the garment district. i remember amanda and i came here a few times back in the days. it's like our little secondhand clothing store! i got amanda to model the most visually provocative coat they sold there, just like old times. while the ladies continued shopping, i raced back to the office for a continuation of an all day meeting.

john's engagement ring arrived in the mail today and he was showing it off to all the ladies at work. i took some photos but because of a nondisclosure clause, i can't show them just yet. instead, i have an artist's rendition of what the ring looks like. besides sporting a covalently bonded crystalline piece of carbon, the ring also acts as a secret decoder, a homing beacon, and in case of monster attacks, +20% to defense rating.

this morning i went to go pick up my inhaler at cvs. i've never used one of these things before. the first two times i used it, i don't think i was doing it right. i sprayed my tongue and didn't really notice any cough suppressing effects. the third time however was the charm. i inhaled hard and i held it in for about a minute before my second puff. when i tried to give a little courtesy cough afterwards, i was very much surprised to discover i couldn't do it. after about 15 minutes though, the effects wore off and i started coughing a little bit again.

after work i went for a run. today's highest temperature was 65 degrees. the night felt very balmy, like a summer's evening. who would guess it's already december? despite the nice weather, there were hardly anyone around the charles, the fewest number of people i've ever seen (it was right at 5pm though, maybe a lot of people weren't home yet to change into their running gear). some parts of the river were really dark and ominous looking. all i could see were the headlights of the cars on storrow drive, the lights of the building in boston (beacon hill/back bay area), and the reflections in the water of the lights of distant shoreline buildings. it was very beautiful in a dark and hazy kaleidoscope sort of way. i ran the route in exactly 30 minutes (which definitely categorizes me as a 10 minute miler), but it took me an additional 15 minutes to walk back to the office. tomorrow's weather's suppose to be even better than today. i'm planning on biking to work, one last motorcycle hurrah before the riding season officially comes to a close here in new england.

last night i went to bed at 11:54pm, which is a very rare occurence. will there be a repeat performance tonight? it's already a quarter past midnight, too late for an encore. i remember this morning i couldn't wait to get up though. part of it had to do with the fact that i had a very important code meeting this morning, but another reason was because i couldn't sleep anymore. i usually get 5 hours of sleep a night, so to suddenly get 8 hours, my body wasn't use to that sort of sleep luxury. i kept on waking up intermittently, checking the time and falling back to sleep in total disbelief on how much time i still had left before i needed to wake up. so this must be what normal sleep pattern feels like!