john miller announced to our project group that he'd be resigning his position as project manager within the next few weeks. carrie and eliza were stunned with shock, while i was inappropriately laughing on the sideline. for some reason the moment was really funny for me. i'm one of those people who cries when something is happy, and likewise laughs when something is sad. "i take it that you already know?" eliza asked me. why yes, yes i did! what do you call it when a secret is finally revealed? there has to be some fancy word for it. i had known since last week, and then on friday john told me he had already spoken with one of the bosses about it. i wanted to tell people the news, but i was sworn to secrecy. it's nice to finally not have to keep it a secret anymore! counting our days spent at tsh, john and i have worked together for the past - dare i even say it? - four years?

other news: we are having a holiday party after all, a holiday luncheon happening the first workday after our project delivery. there is also a secret santa component too. i've also been studying the peculiar configuration of the days between christmas and new year's day, and i think i'm going to try and take some of those days off, if not all of it. the problem is i have no more vacation days and don't know how many personal days i have left. the good thing is i think i have either bronchitis or tuberculosis (cough, shortness of breath, phlegm), and i need to make a doctor's appointment tomorrow. if my burgeoning lung disease can hold off until i'm done with my project, i might be able to parlay my illness into some strategically placed sick days plus personal days combo.

i worked a little bit late today, was in the office until 10pm. i wouldn't say i was in the zone, but i got a good bit of work done. being that today was monday, my friend the cleaning man stopped by and we exchanged some pleasantries as he emptied my trash and vacuum the floor while i worked with the earphones on. when he left, i was the only one left in the office. before i left, i wanted to take some photos. it's been over 24 hours since my last photo, and i could feel myself getting antsy (speaking of which, amanda became an aunt today, which carrie thought was very big news, but i had a hard time getting too excited about). and wanting to take some snapshots of anything just so i can feel the soothing click of the shutter release button. fortunately there was a beautiful moonlight alley way behind the office from the 2nd story window and i was able to get some nice photos. there is beauty in everything, you just have to look around and find it.

when i got home i discovered there was no heat in the house. the thermostat's been broken for a few days now, nobody's noticed it because we've had some pretty mild to warm weather the past few days. but now with the temperature dropping, the house is noticeably cold. my father had the electric stove running on empty just to warm up the house a little bit, it was very third world country. i should finish up quickly, shower, and hop into bed with a good book.

yeah, i read. don't be shocked. and it's not a comic book either. real book with real words, no pictures, although i periodically look back on the cover illustration to ground myself in the storyline.