scowling at the monitor
i spent the whole day scowling at my monitor, debugging code, didn't leave the office until 10pm. it's kind of thrilling when you fix something, but at the same time it can just as easily be maddenly fustrating. i'm glad computers don't have feelings because i must've swore to mine a few hundred times today.

facial hair status
for those of you who weren't big fans of my new clean-shaven look, i'll have you know that i'm growing it back out again. it'll be back to something scruffy by next week. whenever i get bored, i like to run my hands over the stubbles.

packages, big and small
the last of my dvd order came today (the people that time forgot), and likewise my books from amazon.com. i watched a little bit of the dvd in the office on one of the dvd-rom drive equipped computers. the special effects are pretty good considering this movie's kind of schlocky. i'm sort of disappointed that there's not any special features though. would've loved to hear some commentary about the film, but i guess most people who were involved with it ran as far away as possible from this movie after it was completed. for those of you who've seen this fine piece of cinematic gem, you can probably guess why i got it. let's just say it came from a time when sexy women in leather cave costumes were a big hit with the audience.

joys of sleeping
recently, i've been rediscovering the joys of sleeping. i have new found appreciation for this unconscious act we all partake in every night. i've been taking sleep for granted for far too long, neglecting it when it invites me to slumber land. it's time to really enjoy it, it's time to savor those magical moments of unwakefulness. working all day, you know what i think about to keep me going? not going home to watch the gilmore girls (which i missed tonight, thanks work!), not playing another round of diablo ii (i only play that to procrastinate from doing any real work), not eating a good night's dinner. no, all day long i dream about coming home and going to bed, that's what keeps me going. work seems to be what i do now when i'm not sleeping.

new avenue of attack on the home search front
on the home search front, i've started to look at some new locations, particularly the brookline area. now i hate the green line as much as the next person, but the apartment prices there are significantly cheaper than those in cambridge, and you can get a real bargain to boot; for instance, parking space is more common in a brookline apartment that it is for a cambridge apartment. it wouldn't be so bad living by coolidge corner. i remember when that place use to be a real dump, but it's really gone upscale recently. it'd be something new, living so far away from the safety blanket known as the red line. i've never really considered brookline as someplace to live, but now that i've been thinking about it, it's starting to look more and more appealing to me.

brief moment of office brevity
amanda moment of the day: spitting sunflower seed shells at each other. i had to pick up afterwards because i'm the only person who eats sunflower seeds upstairs, and naturally if there are shells everywhere the fingers are going to be pointing at me. i never knew this before, but i'm a pretty good shell spitter. how can i parlay this into a lucrative business opportunity i wonder?

lamb curry, my love/hate relationship with
i had the lamb curry from max's today for lunch and so far no ill side effects. my worst case of digestive drama was on a day when i had the lamb curry in combination with some banana milk and god knows what else. my body's inner workings have been pretty tame today.