let's start with my old playlist for your viewing pleasure.


stevie wonder - as
stevie wonder - i love you more today than yesterday
dean martin - the birds and the bees
dionne warwick - i say a little prayer
diana krall - is you is or is you ain't my baby
altered images - happy birthday (dance mix)
al hirt & ann margaret - baby, it's cold outside
ann margaret - begin the beguine
peggy lee - fever
ann margaret - there'll be some changes made
paul simon - me and julio down by the schoolyard
the ramainz - judy is a punk
aretha franklin - mr.bigstuff
new kids on the
block - the right stuff
prince - kiss
beastie boys - in 3's
whitney houston - didn't we almost have it all
heather nova - london rain
call and response - rollerskate
mandy moore - stupid cupid
renegade soundwave - cocaine sex
deee-lite - apple juice kissing
deee-lite - fuddy duddy judge
deee-lite - pussycat meow
deee-lite - runaway
deee-lite - say ahhh...
deee-lite - you sexy thing
pat benatar - hit me with your best shot
pj harvey - this is love
stereo mc's - stop at nothing
depeche mode - route 66
maria muldaur - midnight at the oasis

songs in red were ones that i had with me when i went on vacation over a month ago. by the time i got back i was already pretty sick of them but i was too lazy to get rid of all of them completely. i try to be as eclectic as possible when i throw songs onto my mp3 player. i do have a weakness for oldies and anything from the 80's. also, songs with a catchy beat.

here now is my most current playlist:


<call and response album>
texas - i don't want a lover
mc 900 ft jesus - if i only had a brain
os mutantes - she's my shoo shoo
maria mckee - i'm gonna soothe you
<diana krall - the look of love album>
dean martin - i wonder who's kissing her now
elvis presley - c'mon everybody
lovage - stroker ace

julie lepage

klea simakis

dan kuehner


tunde & jared

david cronin
by the


around noon i learned of a plan spearheaded by david cronin to go have lunch at the empire chinese restaurant on cambridge street. i basically invited myself to this lunch and before anyone had time to say otherwise, i was already speed walking down fifth street to rendezvous with the incoming screen house posse. when i got there i was surprised to see there were actually people eating in the restaurant (part of empire's initial charm was the fact that the first and only time i came in here, it was completely empty) and i was also surprised that none of the screen house people had arrived yet. i ordered (spicy tofu with fried rice and chicken finger lunch combo, $6.50) and then sat down, staring at the ubiquitous chinese zodiac placemat. minutes later the group arrived, suddenly crowding into the small interior of the restaurant. i noticed the waitress/cashier/owner(?)'s eyes light up upon seeing so many lunch patrons at her place. we had so many people that we had to split the group in half and sit at two separate booths.

today at the office there was almost complete instant messaging silence. i didn't go downstairs to the first floor at all today (on a normal day, i usually go down 2-3 times a day), and i didn't see anyone from my project either (although i did talk to them via aim/phone). it was lonely, it was depressing, but it did get me working and i did put in some progress on the coding. by the end of the day though, i just wanted to go home. well, actually i wanted to go and hang out some more at our usual thursday night drinking gathering, but tonight a lot of people have other engagements so that plan sort of fell through. so after work i just went home, staring at the ground, kicking at the leaves, feeling sort of melancholy on this rather somber day.