my sunday regular is starting to become a morning serving of laurie cacciatore followed by an afternoon offering of the open house special.

to start the preparation, you take one me and you place it outside of the harvard square au bon pain prior to 10am. note that with the falling temperature, the season for finding fresh me waiting outdoors on sunday mornings is rapidly coming to a close.

<record scratch sound>

i couldn't feel my ass anymore after sitting on the granite wall for 20 minutes! laurie invited her next door neighbor to come with us for dim sum, but he was too drunk last night to wake up, so it was just us two again. laurie was fighting a cold but was working on the old adage, feed a cold, starve a fever, and figured maybe a nice meal might do her some good. when we got to chinatown it was double parking day. we got our china pearl number (63) and got a seat in less than 10 minutes without even having to share a table. we sat in the function room, next to a large table of what appeared to be a family reunion and another large table of what appeared to be a party of japanese folks. despite the relative seclusion of our table, it was still very noisy. i was joking to laurie how i'd go up to these loud tables, be all friendly with them ("friends, how are you? enjoying your meal? good, good," is what i'd say), then suddenly tell them all to shut up ("SHUT UP!" i'd blurt up). just a small dose of my passive aggressivity.

afterward dim sum laurie drove me to my parents cafe, where i went with my father to do some more open houses. we didn't see too many places today, but i felt so exhausted. so many houses, i can't keep them straight anymore. no more open houses, i think we're going to do it by appointment from now on, or let the real estate brokers find the houses for us based on our criteria, which is, somewhere in cambridge, preferably in the cambridgeport area or close to harvard square, 2 bedrooms, in-unit laundry/dryer, parking. parking might be something rare in cambridge, but that'd be my ideal apartment. i didn't see anyplace today that really stood out, likewise the same thing last week. the prices have been coming down a little bit, and it's slowly becoming a buyer's market again. it's still pricey though, especially living in cambridge.

i came home, messed around a little bit, then fell asleep. weekends are bad sleep days for me because i tend to sleep really late and wake up too early to go out and do stuff. i took a little nap and woke up at 8pm to eat some dinner.