this day went by super quick, thanks to a few strategically scheduled meetings. 9-10am i had a naming convention meeting, 11-1pm an application overview, then 1-4pm project assessment meeting. i totally skipped lunch (not voluntarily of course), didn't eat a thing other than a raspberry nutrigrain bar. i had a small bag of breakfast trail mix but i gave it to michael because he didn't have lunch either. despite not having either breakfast or lunch, i didn't feel particularly hungry by day's end. tomorrow, looks like more meetings. in the morning, a code evaluation meeting, then from 2-4pm more project assessment. this work week will be over before i know it. nothing planned yet for the weekend, some time will probably be reserved for more open house viewings.

being that today was thursday, it could only mean a night of heavy drinking with members of the screen house clan, past and present. or for me, a night of a few rounds of soda, possibly some dinner, plenty of photos. i headed out to the new screen house office by the mall after work. outside the building i bumped into dan going into the galleria mall to get some starbucks coffee. we saw two rats scurrying in the darkness as we briefly chatted in the autumn night. after that i went into the monitor building, where i ran into some difficulty getting access to the elevator to go upstairs. "my friend," said the night security guard, "next time, get a phone number of the person you're visiting." with that he activated the elevator with his access card and let me up. once upstairs it felt strangely like home because of all the familiar faces (this being my second time at the new screen house office). i told some sob story about how i didn't have any food yet today, so julie donated a portion of her calzone to my help fight starvation fund. i met tim in the office, whom i haven't seen for almost a year, back from his cross country sabbaticals. office conversation included the validity of the new apple ipod as a worthwhile mp3 device, which compact flash memories are the best, and where to go to find the cheapest memories. i also noticed a group of young ladies touring the office, obviously checking out the guys in the new screen house addition to their work environment (their office has zero guys). so initial field reports were right, these ladies are man-starved! before going downstairs, i went to use their spacious bathroom. while leaving, my coolpix 950 slipped out of my jacket pocket and smashed to the tiled floor, cracking open the battery compartment and sending out batteries rolling on the floor. the lensecap popped off as well. but know what? i just picked up everything and the camera still worked, no harm no foul. i've dropped the coolpix 950 so many times before. it's durability is amazing. i don't exactly advocate dropping your camera the first chance you get, but at least with the coolpix 950, drops don't seem to damage the camera very much other than some cosmetic dents and scratches! we (elias, julie, and myself) left the office and took the green line to haymarket.

we went to the green dragon tavern on union(?) street. the place sounds like some fantasy dungeon and dragon themed alehouse, but it's actually an old bar of somewhat historical significance, the exact details i don't very much know, but there was something on the table placemats that said something about it, so that's a pretty legitimate source of accurate information.

union oyster house

union street alley

green dragon

screen house

eliza and julie...

g1 on tabletop

we had a very large turnout, at least 20 strong. julie thought the reason was because we met in boston instead of some obscure place in cambridge. some of the ladies from their neighboring workplace showed up as well. did i mention they were man-starved? green dragon tavern also has some pretty good food selection. i had half a barbecue pork rib with fries and coleslaw. mmm mmm tasty! and drinks? 3 cokes yo! you're not my mother! when the live music started, that was my cue to leave said establishment. elias left with me, we each commuting back to our respective homes.

harvard square

harvard square
bus station