when i got into the office this morning, i saw that my growing hand had expanded in its containment jar submerged beneath room temperature water. it looked all gross, nothing like its original shape. it resembled a bloated hand, all wrinkly and engorged and mishapened. i was actually a little bit disappointed, because i had thought the hand would grow even bigger, pressing up against the walls of the jar. if i had to give an estimate, it probably expanded 10x its original size. soon amanda's new nickname for me was "the elephant man" on the account of the gross hand that i was growing. she even came upstairs to draw her version of the elephant man aka joseph (john) merrick, with deformed head and lobster claw. now i've been around some artists in my life, but to have an office picasso is truly a blessing in disguise!

the growing hand!

amanda the artist

the elephant man

during lunch i went to the mall with amanda and rebecca. my objective at the galleria was to buy some winter weather running gear. outside of best buy we saw marc v. standing on the street corner and suddenly hopping into a car. suspicious activity indeed! later i found out he was meeting a friend for lunch. sure, friend for lunch. when we got to the mall, rebecca sort of went off on her own, but we all surreptitiously met up at the old navy store. amanda bought her jeans and i found a pair of red corduroy pants that were on sale.

red pants. you'd think i'd be more excited about finally finding red pants, but they weren't exactly what i was expecting. first, they're corduroy, which is fine, i'm very much down with the "cloth of the king" but i had my sights on more dressy red pants. second, they were a little long in the legs and would require some hemming before i could wear them out in public, so there'd be no marching back to the office with my new found red pants. i'm probably going to get them hemmed this saturday and then on a special day next week i'll wear them out.

i also visited a few sports clothing store (not before bumping into gilles - the galleria has become the where's waldo of screen house employees!), and did find some really nice tight spandex/lycra/synthetic fiber running pants. i think i totally embarassed amanda, who went browsing somewhere else because she didn't want to be caught standing next to a guy essentially buying tights. "you're not just going to wear them by themselves, are you?" she asked. "what if i am?" i replied with a question of my own. i ended up not buying, but will probably go back and browse some more before i make my final decision. i don't think i've ever worn any type of pants that tight before.

i am too pants obsessed i think. time to move on to a new obsession.