i finally went to bed last night at 7am in the morning. it was already light out. i didn't wake up today until 3pm, when most of the day was already over, with maybe an hour or two more of sunlight before things get dark. there wasn't very much daylight to spare today anyway, the sky was overcasted. i didn't feel very rested when i woke up and when i went to the bathroom to check my eyes -- using how bloodshot my eyes are as a litmus test to how well i rested -- they were still a little bit bloodshot. it's going to take a few more days of rest, on a normal sleep schedule (not going to when the sun rises), before i will feel fully recharged.




i am obsessed with recording every aspect of my life. if you don't take the time to take a photo, to shoot a video, to record a sound, or write it down somewhere, then that moment in time is lost forever.

on that note, my little webcam at work doesn't just put up images of me working every minute. it also compiles all the images from a single day and forms it into a quicktime movie. i have movie records of me working from when i was at my old company to now at my current job. how many other people can say that? sure, some people can remember what day did at work for so-and-so day, but how many people have an actual movie of that exact day?

so presented here is a movie captured on 010803 (friday august 3rd, 2001). i picked that one because it has the most action and cast of characters. most of these videos are very boring and would only appeal to me because i am always in them.

click the thumbnail
to watch the movie!

what's going on: the movie starts at 9:56am in the morning. that doesn't mean i wasn't at work at 9am! it just means that i didn't turn on my webcam until then. you can see me with a healthy bottle of blue powerade. 10:14am meghan makes an appearance, talking to dan who sits behind my pc monitor (you can't see him). 10:31am amanda makes her first appearance of the day, talking to dan as well. at 10:44am i come back from whatever it was i was doing (i think it was a 10am project meeting). at 11:01am you see liz and i think allie. 11:07am we see john miller. 11:54am i am eating some sort of canned soup i just heated up and put into a bowl. 12:37pm, amanda and i work on a crossword puzzle. 1:53pm i am taking photos of things on my desk (i think it's a can of tab i got from kendall house of pizza). 3:24pm laurie rogers is seen on the movie. 3:39pm james. 3:40pm for some reason i can be seen sticking my tongue at the camera. 4pm, back from our next-door-neighbors who have a popcorn popping machine with a bowl full of freshly popped popcorn. 4:05pm mandy is seen attacking the popcorn. 4:06pm i am showing dan a photo of him and mandy. 4:46pm both john and michael can be seen on camera. 5:09pm amanda and i start another crossword puzzle. 6:22pm my hair is really starting to get some volume. 6:25pm spontaneous monster face directly at the camera. 6:36pm i leave the office to go see ghost world at the kendall square cinema. then we have a few frames of bonus video, as this movie captured a few minutes of me when i came back to the office sunday afternoon to pick up some work for home. i am all dressed up because i just got back from vincent cuoco's christening.

the great thing about that video is that it also has a complementary weblog entry, so you can not only see the movie, but you can also read the book as well!