during lunch, carrie, amanda, and i decided to go up to harvard square to buy our t pass for next month. when we got to kendall square to take the red line to harvard, they told us the red line was closed and that we'd have to take a shuttle bus to harvard square. while waiting for the shuttle, we saw a commotion up by the charles/mgh stop as police cruisers and ambulances congregated around that area. we found out later (via boston.com), that apparently an mbta worker was hit and killed at the charles/mgh stop and all red line services were halted. that station seems to be cursed. i remember not very long ago that that particular station had caught on fire, which also grounded the red line to a halt. originally when we saw the hubbub, i think maybe we thought it might've been a terrorist attack, ever since the government issued the latest warning of possible disturbances this week from credible sources.

the shuttle ride was free of course, which was a blessing because amanda had once again left her mbta pass at work, used as a bookmark in her latest reading material. on the bus to harvard square she revealed to me that it was actually only her second time on a boston bus. what an auspicious and historically significant occassion! carrie sat across the aisle from us, and periodically we'd look across and give her a smirk.

at harvard we got our mbta passes. i bought a combo for myself ($57) and two subway passes ($35/each) for rebecca and eliza. for lunch, we trekked to the dunkin' donut deli on elliot street. i forgot the name of my sandwich, but it was surprisingly good coming from a place that's better known for its donuts and coffees instead of its deli sandwich. just the right blend of tasty meats, honey mustard, mayonnaise, very flavorful, i would definitely get it again. too bad we don't work closer to harvard square, so much more places to eat there! we came back to the office on another free bus. originally we sat in the front of the bus but i told carrie and amanda that that's where the old and handicapped people sit, so we moved all the way to the back. bad idea, because amanda started to get motion sick. i jokingly told her she should move back to the front because her motion sickness was a handicap. in the back we sat with this guy and two girls who from what they were talking about we surmised that they might be some sort of collegiate athletes, all tall and strong and sporty. the guy saw me with my dunkin' donut coffee and groaned (apparently he's not allowed to drink coffee because of training). we got dropped off right outside of seattle's best, even better than being dropped off for free at kendall square!

tonight the whole project team pulled a late one. it's quite impressive when we get mobilized, almost like an army heading into battle! testing, production fixes, with me upstairs debugging anything broken, we just might make it after all. nothing like a crisis project like this to bring people closer together. for dinner we ordered from bertucci's again. i had the four cheese ravioli. after dinner, i went upstairs for more coding fun. at 10pm though, i got a ride from my father to go back home to grab some gear and then drive back to work. grab some gear?

that's right, tonight i have initiated the final option. what's that you ask? the final option is the option of working late and then sleeping in the office. i got my sleeping bag, a pillow, and a change of clothes. it's going to be interesting what my final tally for the total hours worked today will be. because of nights like today and most probably tomorrow, there's a very good chance i will have worked 100+ hours this week. i have never worked 100+ hours for anything in my life.

eliza gave john a tiny red fez, which he proceded to wear around the office. eliza also showed us this amazing paper flower toy that "blooms" when you hit it. hard to explain, had to be seen to be believed. when it started getting late (approaching midnight, which for me was just the beginning of tonight's one man sojourn into the valley of overnight coding), i got a little crazy and would call downstairs and sing while being placed on speakerphone. i did renditions of quiet riot's "come on feel the noize" and prince's "kiss." tonight we also came up with a new saying, which is the annoyingly nasal pronounciation of "noh."

fortune kitty
& pedro

swoop &
bruce lee



office keys &
pc mouse


webcam &

swatch &
HBP pills

20 oz.

hotel srm



notice anything new? yes, the photo sizes! an increase of over 30% in size! i've been thinking about putting up bigger photos for a long time, but now i think i'm finally going to make the switch. from now on, photos will no longer be 100x75px but rather 133x100px!