i decided to take a break today. instead of working 16 hours, i'm only going to work 15 hours. so i left the office close to midnight, a cold autumn new england night. the project, my albatross? good news and bad news. good news is we're extending the deadline to as late as next monday, the bad news is we're extending the deadline to as late as next monday. i can not work this weekend. i will not work this weekend. counting this past weekend, starting with friday and ending tonight, i have worked 59 hours already. 40 hour work week? what's that?

for lunch, i went with carrie and amanda to this little hidden deli adjacent to the health and fitness club (we call it a "gym") she used to be a member of. i had the mit munchee, a combination of roast beef, mayo, mustard, sprouts, and onions. not a bad sandwich, i just might have it again. my taste buds yearned for something spicy though, like peppers or kimchee. it was just not meant to be. maybe tomorrow i will venture to kendall's house of pizza and get a chicken parmigiana with hot peppers, just like the ones i use to eat at ottimo's, back when i worked on broad street in boston.

carrie also got me to agree to look after her cats while she's gone during the thanksgiving weekend. i have never catsat before, so it's going to be a new experience for me. my job is to visit her house twice a day (a mere 0.9 miles from where i live) and make sure her pets have enough food and water. sounds easy enough! true, i'm a dog person, but i like all animals.


to smile

big hair

in the after hours of my work life i was accompanied by dan upstairs, who was here late making up for the days he took off last week to be with his pregnant wife. he went and bought a small chicken colorado burrito for me from boca grande. i had that, drank nothing but water (to curb my cough from turning into full blown disease with much worse symptoms) and a cup of coffee (i was starting to feel sleepy, my waning stamina called for a chemical boost), ate my remaining jelly beans (the bad flavors nobody wanted), consumed fistfuls of salty sunflower seeds (dan: "aren't those bad for you?", me: "we all have all our vices"), and listened to my cd's: stereo mc's, tears for fears, texas, + call and response.