i left the office close to 2am tonight. the sky was brilliant with stars (orion hanging pretty over binney street) but it was cold, freezing temperature cold.

i can't really concentrate right now, my mind is completely trashed. i remember for dinner eliza and i ordered chinese takeout from empire. this was my second outing from empire, and i got the orange flavored beef with chicken wings. the chicken wings were great, the duck sauce was too soupy, but the orange flavored beef left something to be desired. it wasn't crispy, the flavor wasn't what i thought it'd be, and the meat was too shredded. when the order came eliza brought it upstairs for me.

the rest of the night had me coding upstairs, eliza working downstairs, and james playing counterstrike on a neighboring pc. occasionally eliza and i would aim each other, maybe to make sure the other person was still awake. eliza left the office around 1am, i left around 2am, and james...he's sleeping over.

so i worked today from 10am all the way to 2am. 16 hours. i better get some sleep, tomorrow's going to be something special.

first day of non-daylight saving's time. i always get those two confused. i always felt wintertime was daylight saving's because there was less of daylight, but it's not. anyway, it's depressing. i was working, and when i looked up, it was already dark outside. nothing makes me feel more like the day is over than when i see it's dark outside. it's sunday. i'm in the office working. and it's dark outside. depressing through and through.

what kind of physical toll has working all these late nights been having on my body? surprisingly, not too bad. my eyesight's kind of messed up when i leave here at the end of the day, having stared at the monitor for many hours. i have a hard time seeing things in the distance, they're kind of blurry. my eyes are just tired. the one major thing though is i am developing a hacking cough. i remember when michael was working on those late night projects that he'd get those too. i don't know when i'm going to lose it. if anyone can carry a cough for the longest time, it's me.

just two more nights left before the delivery, tonight being one of those nights. once again, i am the only person in the office (at least upstairs) and it is very quiet, other that the usual ambient noises.

tonight i am missing game 2 of the world series and episode 9 of band of brothers.

i can't wait for this project to go out so i can rejoin the rest of humanity. other than the first week of october when i was still on vacation, this entire month has been dedicated to the service of the company. every waking, breathing hour, if i'm not performing the functions necessary for basic survival (eating, sleeping), i am working on the project or thinking about the project, no matter how hard i try to resist it. i don't think it's consumed my life, but from the outside looking in it appears that way. i don't think i owe them anything more. when the end of thanksgiving rolls around i will have worked here for exactly one year. we're even now.