it could only be true love
and they said it can't be done! "oh, no way can he work more than 14 hours! that's just crazy!" well lady and gentlemen, believe it, cause i did it (9am to midnight, ka-ching!), and know what? i'm going to do it again! and again! and again! you're going to have to kill me to get me to stop working. sweet occupationalizing, i love you so, i will never ever let you go! <kissing sounds> some people just say they love working. no, not me. i say it, but it's for real. who else would work 15 hours if he didn't love the job? and know what? no overtime pay, and no bonus days off! my baby's so true, how can i ever fall out of love with you?

mall fiasco
for lunch today i had a serving of the mall. originally i was suppose to go out with some screen house folks but that plan fell through because with our looming project deadline, we weren't really in the mood for a nice lunch (only bad lunches). i was also suppose to go to the mall with christine, which i canceled yesterday because i thought i was going to this canceled lunch appointment instead. so i went to the mall, because i had to return a dvd trapper i bought from best buy. amanda came along too (what else is new? this time no dog in tow), she had to return -- get this -- a banana republic sweater she gave her bf as a bd present, which he wore more than a few times, and then when he washed it (according to instructions) the sweater shrank. it's funny, but i was actually with her when she got this sweater over two months ago. i remember this sweater very well because it sort of represented a new low point in my life. but returning the exact same sweater? is that even lower? whatever, i was so numb from all the programming that i didn't care. and wouldn't you know it? guess who i meet at the mall? christine! talk about awkward moments, i threw out a couple of excuses (she had already left for the mall, i didn't know my lunch date would get canceled, etc), but i was caught red handed going to the mall with somebody else when i should've gone with christine. oh well, did i mention i was sort of numb? for my actual lunch meal i got some chicken tenders and onion rings from the food court burger king and then went to cvs and bought another big bag of candy and junk food. h-e-a-l-t-h-y! the cvs cashier who rung me up sort of looked familiar, i might've gone to high school with her. hello small world.

sugarfree gummi bears stay away from me!
what?! i bought sugarfree generic brand cvs brand gummi bears instead of the high quality regular generic brand cvs brand gummi bears? how bad can it be? so i cut open the bag and we have a little taste test. hmmm, taste just like regular gummi bears. okay. so i'm working and i'm snacking, popping down these gummi bears like a conveyer belt, and i'm reading the back of the bag to see if there's anything weird (by weird i mean CAUSES CANCER) like nutrasweet or phenylalynine. hmmm, nope. but wait, what's this...? "excess consumption may have a laxative effect on sensitive individuals" <reeling backwards in psychic scream> what the hell?! hopefully i'm not one of those sensitive individuals. a few hours later, in the middle of the night, in the office programming, i realized that i am a sensitive individual. let's just put it that way. even now, safe in the confines of my home, i can still feel my stomach growling. and know what? i bought two bags of sugarfree gummi bears! before i left the office, i gave the second bag to james (who was still in the office, getting ready for a night of counterstrike action on my pc) as a little present. don't worry, i warned him about these special gummi bears. hopefully he's not a sensitive individual like me, but i guess i'll find out tomorrow morning.

and on that note friends, i'm going to go prepare for bed. tomorrow morning it's time for me to fall back in love with work.