exploring cambridge street
i was here yesterday, i am here again today. i want to see what else cambridge street has to offer in terms of stores and restaurants. after a leisure stroll of a few blocks in distance, i've come to the conclusion, at least from what i've seen, that there isn't too much happening down there. a few chinese restaurants, a few sub shops. there was a moroccan restaurant, and i tried to get some lunch from there but they're not open for business until 5pm. that's what's so great about living in a city like boston (i'm including cambridge as well), people from all over the world come here bringing their foods, their cuisine. if you love food, this town's got a wide sampling of dishes from a whole bunch of different countries. i also walked by the infamous "live poultry fresh killed" sign. on the store window was taped a piece of paper advertising rabbit meat for sale. besides the "fresh killed" sign, there was another sign i saw yesterday, which appeared to be the universal iconograph for sensual massage. could cambridge be the secret amsterdam of the northeast? for lunch, i ended up getting a small steak and cheese sub from a generic greek sub shop. walking back to the office, i discovered this little oasis of a park on hurley street, a block away from the jbj variety store, itself also nestled admist a thickly settled residential neighborhood.

swing break
amanda and i went to this hurley park that i had discovered earlier today when she was walking todd's jack russell terrier j.r. he was being unruly, so taking him out kept the peace within the office. as soon as we got to the park, i took off my jacket (it was a warm day) and jumped on the adult-sized swing. i haven't swung since forever! i love swinging. if i ever have my own house with a large backyard, i want to install a super tall swingset. it's like the poor man's cheap thrill amusement park ride. amanda didn't do any swinging because 1) she was taking care of j.r., and 2) she said she gets motion sick when she's on the swing. at this park we saw this little boy playing by himself. when he saw j.r. he approached us and asked, "does he bite?" and then proceded to pet the dog. kids love animals! later, j.r. was digging a hole in the wood chips in order to stay cool (dirty dog!). after i had my fill of swinging, i showed amanda the secret jbj variety store, where i bought a vanilla/orange popsicle for a mere 25 cents. so cheap, like i stepped through a time warp!

motorcycle back home
what a way to end a long day, just a leisurely motorcycle ride back home. i've never had a ride that didn't feel good. can't be described! i love seeing people jump back onto the curb because they see the motorcycle coming, or the apprehensive secret glances from neighboring cars when i stop at a traffic light. i love cranking the throttle and just accelerating out of traffic, and i love cruising the curves. the season will soon be over! unfortunately, i am not hardcore enough to ride the bike through the new england winter. today, and maybe tomorrow, are the last two days this year that it's still warm enough to have an enjoyable ride.

allie's last day
two weeks ago it was stef, today it was allie. last day. of course with any last day at srm comes the mandatory drinking party afterwards. i was asked to go, but i'm just too tired. i just wanted to come home and pamper myself, because unlike allie, i have to come back to work tomorrow, and the next day, and the day. i have to get home and get my rest! i do regret not being able to go to take photos, to document on digital film this historical event. hopefully there were other people taking photos. my obsession with capturing moments in time.

the first thing i did when i came home was to take a hot shower. originally, as part of my self-pampering, i was going to take a bath surrounded by candles while reading about anthrax in the latest issue of newsweek. frankly, i don't have time for all that, a hot shower's just as good. afterwards, i relaxed with plenty of television (finally saw the new star trek enterprise show!), some food, and doing the laundry (one load, whites).

t'pol? t'hot for tv!
sub commander t'pol on enterprise? she's so cold and free of emotions -- but that's what makes her hot! 7 of 9 was just like that! there's something about a woman who won't give me the time of day that makes her that much more desireable! i'm looking forward to seeing episodes where she's the main focus instead of the other crew members. you can probably guess where i'll be from now on, wednesday nights at 8pm...

ouch. just counting the hours before this day ends so i can go home and rest for a few hours before coming back here to work. when sarah came in for an 8am meeting, she said she was surprised to see me here so early because she heard i wasn't a morning person. i'm an everyday kind of person. i'm just usually not a morning person because i sleep so late at nights. last night i went to bed at 2am and woke up this morning at 5am to come here to work. 3 hours of sleep. you get 3 hours of sleep at nights and see what kind of person you become. i was surprised to see it was 60 degrees outside when i woke up. not summer time weather, but definitely warm enough for biking, which is exactly what i did, after leaving the house and standing on the front steps for a few minutes debating whether i should take the bus or the bike. the decision making factor was when i looked to the western sky and saw stars. if it's clear enough for stars (although in the east there was fog, but probably because there's a park nearby), then it should be nice enough to ride, especially so early in the morning, when there's hardly any traffic. i haven't riden in over a month, so it wouldn't be a surprise to know that i accidently wore my sneakers (bike riding amateur hour footwear) instead of my leather boots. oh well. i'm riding at nights anyway, who's going to see? the streets were slightly wet, which could either be from the overnight condensation or perhaps there was a drizzle earlier. i went to work carefully, making sure not to make any tight turns that would cause a slippery wipeout.