during lunch today john and i went to the newly relocated screen house office besides the galleria mall. i haven't been back to screen house since i was let go almost exactly one year ago. but this new location almost makes it seem like a brand new screen house, and i was curious to see what the new space was like. when we got there, almost all of the design department had already gone to lunch en masse. later i found out they all went to sophia's. the remaining departments went to the food court in the mall instead for their lunch, which was where john and i ventured off to after getting a tour of the new office space.

at the mall we surreptitiously bumped into my weekend dim sum friend laurie and her friend lucy (who works down at the science museum). they were coming down the escalator, i looked up, and our eyes locked in recognition. they were there taking a leisurely lunch time shopping break. laurie got some stuff from best buy, lucy was on her way to radio shack to buy a power strip (not to be confused with a surge protector, which wasn't what she wanted). i showed them what i got for lunch (bourbon chicken with brown rice and corn), and was summarily chastised by laurie for not eating healthy and not having enough vegetables in my diet. good byes were issued and the encounter came to a close.

carrie got me some candy around 4pm. all soft stuff, like gummi bears and gummi worms. i ate most of it, with a few pieces going to amanda who would swoop down periodically and scavenge candy from the bag. maya, who came upstairs with amanda, waited patiently by my side hoping for some candy, but if there's one thing i learned from my dog mozart, it's to resist the temptation to feed a dog "table scraps." not only will they get fat if you do, but i always felt that they'd eventually prefer human food over their own bland dog food. and before you know it, your dog is ransacking the refrigerator like what my dog use to do!

dinner i had at the office at 8pm, john got me a chef's salad (i wanted to eat healthy for laurie). we ate our food while watching snippets of star wars phantom menace (rented by john) on dvd on christine's g4. we saw the beginning and then the final fight scene between darth maul and the two jedi knights.

during the course of the night julie aim'ed me to let me know her canon g1 digital camera had arrived and she was recharging the batteries so she could take her first photos. exciting times! another person joins the ranks of the digital photography elite. gilles told me at the office today that he recently bought a nikon 995. everyone's going digital, i can feel the revolution advancing.

today work day: 14 hours. i love to burn in the work atmosphere! please call me the office code whore from now on.