i went to the mall with christine during lunch. i had to return a power adapter i bought from radio shack on tuesday. it was for my 2" sony lcd television, so i wouldn't have to rely on batteries. when i tried it out on tuesday, it didn't seem to work. christine had to go to the mall to buy shoes for carmen and maybe something for herself. eliza, who also had to return something (old navy sweaters), come with us as well. at the mall i also stopped off at cvs to buy myself an armload of snacks and candy, my emergency reserve of unhealthy and fattening foods. for lunch, christine and i went to the food court burger king. i had a double cheese burger with bacon with a large coke and a large serving of onion rings.

after work i went downstairs and chatted with amanda while waiting for the proper time to leave so i'd get to jacob wirth's right when everybody else had already arrived. when her bf came by to pick her up though, that was my cue to exit stage left and i quickly left the office to take the t to chinatown/theatre district.

jacob wirth's was an okay place. for one thing, they had root beer (their own brand as a matter of fact), but it wasn't anything exceptional. there wasn't too many people which made it a nice (i don't like places that are too crowded and noisy and smokey), but our seating arrangement was sort of cramped. when i got there (20 minutes late), there was only julie, jared, and david. later lyle came, one of julie's running friend, followed by curtis, roy, eric, dan, chris, cymara, and kimberly.

jared, julie,

eric, chris,

hot buffalo

kimberly, roy,

with the evening over, those who live north of the red line (julie, david, jared, kimberly, lyle and myself) took the train together. david, jared, and kimberly got off at harvard square but they went to the church street exit instead so i bid them a fond farewell and i went to my bus stop. when the bus came and i got on, who do you think i just happened to meet? david ording! he was in harvard square attending a talk by noam chomsky on the september 11th tragedy. this time i remembered to take a of photo of mr.ording. we meet on the bus all the time, but i've never gotten a photo of him until today. to think, we went to high school together almost a decade ago! and like every other time i meet him, he always has a different hairstyle! this time around he was sporting a shaggy beatlesque mop top.

walking home from the bus stop the air was cold and crisp, the sky clear and filled with stars. there was a tremendous sadness in my heart. nights like these call for a noctural vigil underneath this natural celestial canopy armed with telescope and the humble thought that we are nothing more than stardusts. my failed attempts at procuring people to go with me to the harvard observatory yesterday now seems like a real missed opportunity to see something special. living in new england, we don't often get clear skies like tonight. now if only next month's leonid meteor shower will have skies just as clear! that'd be a real dream come true.