now just two days left to go, before i leave for istanbul.

earlier tonight i went to cvs to buy some toiletries. it's almost become a ritual now, before any big trip, i go to cvs and buy those little travel sized toothpaste, shampoo, mouthwash, etc.

today was a day thick with work. earlier in the morning there was some drama, as amanda met with the bosses. she spoke with them and argued that i should be allowed to keep my current workspace. i think it might've worked, because i don't think i'm being moved anymore. i won't know for sure until i come back from vacation in two weeks. in return, we'd cut down on the office chatter. i don't know. i'm happy that i'm staying where i am, but it will never be the same again. now that we know that we're under the scrutiny of the bosses, when we do talk in the office it feels like we're breaking the law, like we're going to get in trouble. gosh, it's starting to feel like afghanistan!

other than that, not a very memorable day. i had lunch at boca grande with laurie, ed, and dan. they renovated the downstairs area, switched the direction of where the waiting line use to be. they also changed the menus, and colorado chicken is a clearly marked item now. shucks! i liked it better in the past when colorado chicken was sort of a secret item because it wasn't on the menu but they still served it anyway. the secret's out! i also bumped into deb carnie, former tsh pm. she and i share a special connection because we were both laid off at the same time during the very first tsh sacking. i've always liked her, and i remember back at our last job i'd always ask her about military background, i found it fascinating. i'm glad she's doing well, and a bit surprised that she works so close to me, although she tells me that their office is moving to alewife in the near future.

i also watched george bush's address to the nation and congress about the terrorism situation. i love america, i just don't buy into george bush. i don't think he's a very effective orator. trent lott, senate majority leader, in his post-address speech, was many magnitudes more persuasive and a better speech giver than george bush. george bush just seems so awkward up at that podium. everytime i see him make a speech, i think to myself, he didn't even win the popular vote, al gore should be up there. al gore is a far better speaker. he pronounces his words, he emotes correctly, he's funny, he's compassionate, he's serious, he's sentimental. sigh. i'm just counting the days, honey. anyway, i didn't agree with a lot of things george bush said in his speech. i think it was too harsh. is the taliban regime really that bad? sure, they're the strictest mofos in all the lands, but does that warrant an air assault or an invasion? our qualms isn't with the people of afghanistan. our qualms is with the terrorists, who we believe just happen to be living in afghanistan. i think they should totally take this war underground, everything covert. only reveal what happened after it happens. you can't wage a public war with the terrorists. they watch the news too, they'll find out if they're going to be attacked just by monitoring cnn! americans want blood though. americans can't sleep at nights knowing that our guys been hurt and we haven't struck back at the perpetrators yet. but i think the situation is complicated. attack, yes, but find out for sure who's responsible. don't attack the innocent and white wash it up with propaganda. afghanistanis have suffered enough under the taliban. you hit a few innocent target, regular afghanistani joes are going to rally around their government, even if it is a fanatical totalitarian regime.

if there's going to be a war, please please please let it be next week! next week when i'm sailing on the mediterranean sea, working on my tan, reading my book on the front deck, working on my website on the laptop, snorkeling, enjoying life, enjoying my vacation. i know it's selfish for me to say that, but that's what a vacation is, some selfish time for yourself. so i think i can afford to be a little self-centered.

i've brought some work home to finish up. i really don't want to do it, but it's mainly production work, so i can pretty much set my mind on automatic and plod through it.