there was an eerie stillness in the air this morning. no planes, just the occasional roar of a distant jet fighter. i took the motorcycle to work and got stuck in a traffic jam. apparently a lot of people were opting to drive to the office instead of commuting by t for safety reasons. you're less likely to be a target if you travel on your own instead of in a group.

during lunch i ran by myself. amanda, my running partner, could not be persuaded to run with me no matter how much sweet talk i laid down. she had to be good today because she received word that the bosses wanted to talk with her tomorrow. so i ran, probably a little bit faster than usual because i had nobody to pace me, and i probably ran too fast because after the first mile i was panting and felt tired. at the two mile mark i went topless for the very first time since there was nobody i knew to see me. with my t-shirt off, i actually felt like i was running faster, but i could've been just picking up the speed in order to escape the embarassment of disbelieving stares. at the base of the longfellow i stopped and walked across the bridge without my shirt on, basking in the sun, sweat dripping off my body, exhausted, post-run euphoria. at the other end of the bridge i finally put my shirt back on and went to alinda's to buy a bird sandwich.

throughout the day i'd periodically visit cnn.com and boston.com for the latest news about the terrorists. there's a very somber feeling in the city. i think boston feels responsible for the attack on the world trade center because the two planes that crashed into the buildings were from here. if only our airport security was a little better, if only we were more aware of the potential terrorist threat, maybe this could've been prevented.

i stayed late tonight at work fixing some bugs for laurie's project. i left close to 8pm, rode the motorcycle home. hardly any traffic, my rides home are always better than my rides to work. it was sort of cold but whenever i stopped i'd warm up. the riding season here in new england is fast coming to a close. just a few more weeks of riding before it gets too cold to ride (too cold for me at least, i'm not that hardcore).