at the end of the day we finally burned a cd and sent it out for delivery. just like that, on a late tuesday afternoon, the project drew to a close. not really though, i still have a few days of coding before another alpha goes out, and then and only then will i be completely free of the project. but no more late nights. regular hours from now on. i was able to get home in time to watch the gilmore girls and this new series on the wb called dead last, which seems pretty promising, sort of like a generation x version of sixth sense.

today was a weird day, i was in a race against time to make some final bug fixes. i was happy to know that the code would be going out today, but at the same time i couldn't enjoy it just yet because i had some bug fixes to finish up. when that was done and the code was closed, there was sort of a lull as the integrity of the code was being tested. in the meantime, i had a bunch of snacks around my table, and people kept coming by to take some jellybeans or a handful of salted sunflower seeds. it's fun to feed the office! sort of like a birdfeeder, except my visiting coworkers don't poop around my workspace and i can have conversations with them that i can't have with birds.

my office grass is growing strong and healthy. over the weekend, it just sprouted to a light forest of grass blades. occasionally i take a break and stand next to the windowsill to admire the greenery. if it grows any taller, i'll have to give it a trim.

after work, john and i went to fitcorp, my third time there in my 3 weeks of membership. oh what a sweet investment in physical fitness! my $150 membership fee certainly had paid off in dividends! anyway, he showed me around the nautilus machines. we did bicep curls, tricep pulls, leg press, and pectoral/deltoid machine. afterwards my arms were dead and i couldn't straighten them out. i'm going to be in some pain tomorrow. i can't wait. but pain is good when it comes to muscle building. new jack city, here i come! my goal is to get totally ripped before my trip to turkey. i've got exactly a month to do it. i'm all about unrealistic goals.

feels good being at home and not working right now! what a luxury!