so, what else is new? worked until 10pm again tonight. this, after going to bed last night at 4am. the past few weeks have been a blur. hopefully this is the last week of this project (at least for this delivery). i just feel sort of numb. colors have faded, odors smell faint, sounds muffled.

after 5pm entertainment came in the way of my kick scooter which i have stowed away at the office. since most people had already gone home (lucky them!), i could ride around the office without disturbing anyone. these scooters really work best on carpeting. i tried it on rocky street pavements and it's too loud and rickety. on carpet, the ride is smooth and silent.

for dinner, i had a can of chunky's sirloin beef soup. it was okay, left me still hungry afterwards though. i made sure i monitored the microwave when it was heating the soup so it wouldn't explode like last time, when i was heating up a bowl of beans. i am happy to report there were no messy mishaps. as far as i'm concerned, that previous time was just a fluke.

before going home i felt this urge to see green. so i washed out my rectangular glass meadowlark vase, put down a layer of recycled pebbles, and then filled the container with dry dirt that i later wetted down. i put the whole thing in a ziploc bag to trap the moisture. then, i took out my packet of catgrass that i purchased from the local pet store many months ago and dropped a handful of seeds into a cup of warm water, kickstarting the germination cycle. hopefully by the end of this week i'll have a new plot of catgrass growing on my desk again!

so i'm off to bed. it's now already sort of late, by the time i'm done preparing for bed and my usual wind down of television watching, it'll be already 2am. still, it's better than sleeping at 4am. my legs feel better now too. dan gave me some ibuprofen at work today to take and almost immediately the pain in my foot went away (i'm usually not a big believer in pain killers, but i'm starting to believe). now all i have left are my achilles' heel and hamstring on my left leg, which feel like they've been pulled. i'm sort of amazed at how fast i'm recovering. i'm still limping, but by next week (or maybe even the end of this week) i should be back to normal. previously i thought this might be a more serious walking injury (can you imagine? getting hurt by walking! but that was 20 hours of walking, we're not talking just a few steps), that i might have to go see a doctor, but once again, the body's ability to heal amazes me. especially my body, which many people know is a piece of junk. but to be fair, with a new body work and some engine clean up, it should perform like new again.