suhan the foreign exchange student came to me this evening and said, "i have a little problem." apparently he was playing with his ring in the shower and decided to see if the ring would fit on his middle finger instead. big mistake, he ends up getting the ring stuck and has to come ask me for help. i tell him to soap up with soap and dishwashing fluid and use hot water, but it doesn't help, and his finger is starting to swell. i end up having to get my father to come and rescue him from a potentially serious situation by cutting off the ring with a wirecutter. i hope suhan learns his lesson!

on a different note, in 5 more hours i leave for chinatown, where suhan and i will get on a bus that will deliver us to nyc in about 4 hours. we're going to be there the whole weekend, i'm going to show him around nyc. but thank god we didn't have to deal with this ring situation there! that would've been bad, would've been a trip to hospital emergency room for sure!

i love candy. as a child i felt i didn't get enough, so now as an adult, i can totally indulge in the sweet stuff with my adult money. occasionally i get into these candy eating binges, i'll just go into a candystore and just get a big pay-by-the-pound bag of candy. like what i did today, when i went with amanda to the copley square mall so she can buy her duck tour tickets for her visiting parents.

when i came back to the office with my bag of candy, i quickly became the most popular boy in the school. amanda and i took the time to organize the juju fruits into shapes and colors. we also got popcorn from the people next door, and i practiced throwing into amanda's open mouth from a distance, but i'd purposely miss just so i can lob burst kernels at her face, making up for the week of abuse i had to endure.

also today i worked air guitar into my comedic repertoire. i do a very bad air guitar, like i'm molesting my musical instrument, which is what makes it funny i suppose. i'm not sure what brought it on, i think i was talking about phil collins.

i didn't realize that we'd have thunderstorms today. luckily, by the time it came for me to go home, it wasn't raining anymore (i'd been monitoring the weather from weather.com, checking the doppler radar maps). this isn't my first time riding in the rain, but it was my first time riding on wet road conditions from the office. i hardly noticed any difference though, but maybe because i was more careful. no sudden stops, and controlled turns on the corners. i made it home in one piece, sort of amazed that i didn't get drenched on the way back because the sky was pretty overcasted.