suddenly i'm blasted with two smell memories. one of burning leaves in autumn, the other the fragrance of a warm glass of ovaltine. what does it all mean? who knows, i just thought i'd share.

so today i went home earlier than usual. last night's epiphany was it doesn't really help to stay late, since i'm usually so unproductive anyway when i pull too many programming hours. better to come home, get some dinner, watch some television, and get a good night's rest to come back to work refreshed the next day.

because i had decided i wouldn't stay late anymore, i was in a more light hearted mood at work, none of this week's usual gloomy theatricals. amanda, always happy to entertain those in need of amusement, showed me the work seatbelt she made by stringing rubberbands together.

during lunch i took some infrared photos around binney street. they didn't come out as interesting as i had hoped. i really have to be up high in order to get some quality infrared shots of the area.

after work, john took me to fitcorp to show me the place. within a few minutes of looking around, i was ready to sign on the dotted line. i had wanted to join this gym since last month, but i got wrapped up with work and didn't have the time. now there's no going back! my membership officially starts monday. i haven't been to a gym since david aronow and i worked out at the tufts university gym back when he was still a graduate student. i wonder if it's going to be all nostalgic? next week i'm going to be in some major pain, i know that for certain. i can't wait!