so it suddenly occurred to me, why even spend the night here in the office? not like i'm going to be able to do anymore work, i'm already done and cooked for the night. that's when i decided to come home instead of spending a night sleeping on the office floor.

now believe me, i had every intention of staying over at the office tonight. i had a change of clothes in my bag, and i even came to work in my glasses, which is always a sign that says i can't have the distraction of contact lenses slow me down, i'm wearing my serious glasses so back off! but i'm glad i went home instead. chances are, if i had slept in the office, it'd be such an uncomfortable sleep that when i wake up the next day i probably won't be able to work due to a bad night's rest.

before leaving the office, i went to go use the bathroom. picture me jumping back against the wall after seeing this large thing scurry across the floor. what could it be that scared me so much? why, a cockroach of course! and not the small american kind either, this one was a large oriental cockroach, about an inch and a half long. i was kind of grossed out, but not so much that i didn't immediately run and grab my digital camera so i could document this foul insect -- i am the insect guy. i blasted the cockroach with the scented spray. i'd be lying if i said i wasn't secretly hoping i'd killed it. but this cockroach seemed impervious to the deodorizing spray, and ran about the bathroom floor even more so than more. finally, after getting a few snapshots, i left it alone and closed the bathroom light, giving the cockroach some privacy.

i got a notification from crushlink.com today that i have a secret admirer! whether this is a joke or not, who knows, but if i indeed do a secret admirer, i'm writing to let you know that i can't provide a list of e-mail addresses of all my secret crushes. i don't even tell close personal friends that, let alone anonymous online websites! you're going to have to profess your love the old fashion way, by directly writing me.

(writing from the office)

my life energy bar is in the red. i don't think this staying late business is working too well. i stay late, but i'm so exhausted from a full day's worth of working already, i hardly have enough energy to go a second round. there are definite limits to this body of mine, it definitely has some mileage already on it. i don't have that 20 year old stamina that i use to have in college. so it's like, not only is it depressing that i'm working late and that i'm probably going to have to spend the night here at hotel srm, but i also come to the realization that i'm getting older. no, but i got to stay upbeat. nobody can delude himself better than i can. my power of optimistic rationalization is scary.

mandy's birthday was today, i went with amanda and carrie to super star market in cambridge (mt.auburn street) to buy a chocolate cake for our beloved designer. i was amazed at how carrie drives with zero road rage. there were a few times when i sat in the backseat that i thought maybe she'd say something, but she drove in a very carefree (though not careless) manner. an inspiration to other bostonian drivers!

amanda was making spit bubbles while we did our daily metro crossword puzzle. she offered to teach me, but i felt repulsed and could not get myself to learn. i have a thing about spit. i can't stand it when i see people spitting on tv or in the movies, and i sure as hell can't stand it when it's happening right next to me. i think it's almost borderline phobia, fear of spit. i don't have a problem with my own spit -- it's just seeing the spit of others that makes me kind of queasy and feeling disgusted and dirty.

after work (at least the first half of it), john and i went to the good life in boston to see off joel, who was already there with some people from screen house (roy, rebecca, robin, christian, then later dan, chris and matt showed up). joel moves away friday, enroute to san diego, his new home. drinks and food and a touch of merriment ensued at this swanky establishment. an hour later i left after consuming a bottle of root beer and a serving of fries, returning to the office, but not before taking a leisurely stroll of downtown crossing. dtx is so depressing at nights, because the place is empty. the only nights i've seen it active are during christmas time, when the place is filled with shoppers. but on a warm summer night, it's a ghost town. street cleaners amass on the sidewalks, while small groups of teenagers shuffle off towards their respective destinations.

so that concludes my adventuring so far. i'm going to hit the shower, and then when i come back out, i'm going to hopefully squeeze out a few more hours of coding before i snuggle up with that power puff girls comforter in the back room and prepare to sleep on the floor here in the office.

thus begins my month of august.